Friday, November 9, 2012


thank you to everyone who reached out during hurricane sandy.

everyone i know is fine.
however, when that bitch athena - the noreaster came...she knocked out half my house's power.

so, the living room and dining room have power but my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom don't.
luckily, the boiler seems to be working so we're not freezing.

i'm still planning eurotrip13.
at first, i thought london, paris, rome.
then, rome started getting fuzzy because: a. it's far from paris and b. it's far from london where i would need to fly out of...

now, it's london, paris, brussels, amsterdam, london.
via train.

i'm trying to book my travel, fingers crossed.

i found a megabus from london to paris for $8!!!

once, figuring out where i'll be is's the lovely job of figuring out where i'll stay...and then what i'll do and then what to pack and then how to get to jfk!

so geeked.

also, the book will be released formally on saturday!!! oh em gee!!!

so many exciting things going on....

the running joke is once i go to europe, i'm not coming back...which i'm kinda not joking about...i really want to stay and work in london and travel travel travel....

fingers crossed, for serious.