Tuesday, July 30, 2013


i've been trying for the past 2 hours to go to sleep.

my mind is racing and i feel the urgency to do things like clean my apartment, write, clean my closet.....
but i've worked 6 days straight and i'm f-n tired.

part of me wants to start a new blog and find some corner of the internet where no one knows me and start writing freely again. completely anon. but then that takes energy and i'm spent.

i'm sick of being single.
the quest to find a mate has proven futile so far and i'm sick of going on horrible dates...with nonstarters, liars or...people who just don't know wtf they want!

so, i settled for a b-buddy. finding one of those was also hard but i think i found a winner.

work...is drama...
the perks of working with all women...

this post is going to be depressing..so

fuck it.