Monday, January 31, 2011


I dreamt it was my birthday and I wanted to go on a date. So, I enlisted BFF to find me a man. We were all supposed to go to a lounge. She told them to come to my house at 3. All these YOUNG boys show up. I was trying to interview them and keep them from coming in my apartment. I ran into 2 dudes. 1 was fiiiine. He was all tattoed up. I was like.."How old are you?" He said 28. The 2nd dude was this guy named Carmello from high school. He looked really nice and from the moment he hugged me, I was hooked. He took my hand and we ran into my apartment but there was people everywhere. Then, we ran into an empty apartment I own, some of the young people ran in there and was making out. We ran into another apartment and started making out really heavy. I climbed on top of his beige pants but knew it was a mistake. I had my period. I got off of him and saw blood smear on his pants. I was so embarrassed. He was cool. We sat and talked. One of my cleaning ladies came by and told me it was time to go. He said he would change and come by to the party later.

It was a nice dream because:

A. Fine dudes
B. My house was flyyyyyyy.
C. I got some action. Lol
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Insomniac's Theatre

Day 2 of monster insomnia is on and popping right now.
Last night, I couldn't sleep unti maybe 4 or 5am. I had to get up at 9 for dance rehearsal at church.
3 hours of dance later, some chores around the house and now it is 3:20am and I can't seem to shut down my mind.
I have to be up at 8am for church. I promised my mom I would go to her church today.

It would be different if I had energy to finish cleaning the house, do laundry...stuff like that.

I don't. All I can do is think.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Lady Sniffles

I have a cold. Its not really the end of the world. This feels NOTHING like that freak sickness I had back in September! Thank God!! I have been in bed all day. I have been drinking my fluids. I have a multivitamin I'm going to take in the am. Just sucks.
My birthday is next Friday. I NEED to be sexy...not achey, with bloodshot eyes, eczema on my face and sounding like a dude.

Working on knocking this cold out!

It has been FREEZING in NYC! Geez louise! 8 degrees?! Everyone is like...we go through this every with it, this year, we got slammed!

Its funny how men can disappear if they want to at the drop of a dime. Afroman did that. It was like a knife in my stomach. JC, a guy whom I harbored a little crush on...but didn't act on has done that. Bdot kinda did that. Its like...really?! Its that easy to write someone off for whatever reason? Wow. Trying to let it go, consoling myself that these are NOT the men God has for me. That has become a mantra for me because I have a tendency to chase down who/what I want at any cost. Great for business. Bad for relationships and so, I'm trying to chill. The man God has for me will pursue me. And not in the way the crazy Nigerian pursued me. The man who is meant for me will genuinely want me as a person and not for my considerable assets.

As for those assets, they need to be downsized. On Sunday, I was hanging out with some women from church. We were eating, playing Taboo and having a good time. This prophet lady came by and gave everybody a word from God.

Mine was: "God is trying to take you some place. In order for you to get there, you're too heavy. You need to lose 100 pounds. Some of your friends are not your friends. He's already distancing some of them away from you. You need to listen to your mother. You get aggravated when she talks to you but listen to her. Pick and choose what advice you'll take to heart because some of it will be for now. Some of it will be a seed planted in you."

Heavy stuff, pun intended.

I have a tendency to hold on to things that are dead. Friendships being the most important thing to me....I think J and BFF are being distanced away from me. J is a good person. He's supportive but he's really into himself. If I have a problem, we'll talk about it for 5 mins and then its all about him. BFF and he are cut from the same cloth. BFF's lifestyle is disgusting me. More and more, I see how little she values herself. I've tried to show her herself in the mirror. It doesn't work. I've taken some steps back because I really don't want to judge her but I want to knock some sense into her or lock her up like Rapunzel. Every opportunity she's had to walk away, she's stayed. I don't get it. And then there's Gi. She is 8 months pregnant and she decides to have her baby shower my birthday weekend. Furthermore, she really thought that after months of not speaking to me, I would PLAN said shower. Why? I hate my birthday every year but its still my birthday and deep down I want it to rock and be about me and my happiness. Every year for her bday, she gives everyone the middle finger and does what she wants to do. So....whatever. I feel like she hasn't made an effort to be my friend at all. Ever since I got laid off, I've had to meet her where she was at. She would only meet me in Brooklyn if she was going to be here anyway. I'm done with convenient friendships. I really want friends around me that I can lean on in the same way I let them lean on me. With certain people, I remember getting calls in the middle of the night and staying up with them while they cried themselves to sleep. And then, for my trouble, I'm told I'm not nurturing. I'm cold. Fuuuuck off!

Anywho! I will have a job by April 1st! I'm claiming it! I will have my puppy by March 4th. I'm claiming it! I will be happy and productive. And somehow....I will lose 100 pounds this year! Whatever God has for me, whether its a fab job, a drop dead gorgeous man, a new swanky apartment, some fly new clothes or better health, I WANT IT!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*le sigh*

i feel like banging my head against something really hard.
i have a ledger.
i've been monitoring my account.
yet and still i managed to overdraft TWICE this week.
70 freaking dollars
to the bank
that should be in my pocket.

i've been applying to jobs.
no one calls me back.
my resume rocks
i rock interviews.

everyone around me is like...
why are you unemployed?

i want to run away....i want a new apartment. i want a new life.
i feel stuck.
and every time i manage to clear up a little bit of space...
an avalanche comes.

i'm tired of being broke, single and fat.
i'm tired of these problems constantly coming one after the other...
i know its apart of life...

i'm just like WHEN WILL THIS END???

on sunday, pastor said..."this too shall pass" - he wanted us to get it in our spirit because for some of us, this year will be hard. if we don't keep our eyes on God, the enemy will have us thinking we have nothing to live for.

so yes...this too shall pass.....but i'm like....WHEN?
i'm going to focus on the things that i CAN re-budgeting the little money i will have this week, applying for more jobs today than i did yesterday and trying NOT to lose myself to pity and depression.i would much rather sulk and lay in bed with the covers over my head. not today!

i really just don't know how much more i can take.

(no comments, i just wanted to vent)

Monday, January 17, 2011

No Dial Tone

I changed my number today. I really didn't want to do it. I loved my old number. 'Twas really catchy and easy to remember but The Nigerian forced my hand.

I've been getting calls from blocked numbers at random times. 1 time I felt bold and picked up and the "person" hung up. Today, I was fed up! 4 calls starting at 8:30am and ending at 1pm. I'm like...what? Do you really think harassing me will change my mind? Will you annoy me into falling in love with you? I just don't get it and rather than calling him and cursing him out on a Sunday....I decided to change my number. It feels like the end of an era. Some really stupid boys have my number that should lose it, its all for the best. I mean, I've only had the same number for 7 years. *sigh*

The entire house is having a mouse problem right now. Mom said she caught 8 baby mice in 1 week. I caught 2 last week and I saw 2 today. I'm sure my neighbor is having one...his house is really cluttered and, well, yea...I HATE rodents. Its driving me crazy! My house has never been cleaner but I have to make sure these rodents don't catch me slippin! I made the mistake of not having a garbage can with a lid. So, until I can get one, I've been taking any throw-away food outside every night. I forgot last night and it was a nightmare. I'm paranoid the mice are going to crawl on me in my sleep. I'm itchy. This is BAD but I know if I even mention an exterminator, I'm going to get my head chewed off.

I like making sure all the dishes are washed before bed and no food is out but HAVING to make sure of it every single night is a pain.

My birthday is in 3 weeks (roughly) and I'm low-key freaking out because I'm poor. I want a dress, shoes, mani-pedi, new wig and possibly a new blush from NARS or lipstick from MAC. Will I get it? No. I'm going to try though. and then, its to celebrate? I'm going to be 25. It should mean something.

I also want to go on a prospects in mind. How do you keep yourself from looking at every good-looking guy with a job as "potential?" I thought about getting myself a chastity a reminder that I'm saving it for marriage...that takes money and some balls that I don't have right now. No pun intended.

A friend was murdered last week. He was renovating an art gallery when someone came in during the middle of the day and shot him in the head and torso. No one knows why. He was awesome! He used to kick it to BFF really heavy. He was so sweet, funny, smart and nice. At 31, he's gone. Ridiculous!

I'm trying to let go of the thing with BFF. I am. Let's say, I took it the wrong way what she said...let's say, I'm over-analyzing it, blah blah. But, I'm seeing our relationship in a different light. I'm seeing her in a different light and I'm disgusted by what I'm seeing. She's using loving someone as an excuse to stay in a bad situation. My pastor said 2 things that stuck with me. Last week,he said..."Not having control over your desires and emotions, will allow you to be carried off by them." Today, he said, "It is possible to love someone and let them go."
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dream Dreams

I had the most horrible dream about BFF this morning.

It was near Christmas. The house looked festive outside and in. I went to my mom's part of the house to get the mail. I saw some letters with BFF's handwriting on it. I opened them up and they were BILLS for our friendship. Like...Service: Driving you home at the beginning of the blizzard. $30. Type of thing. Mom came home and I told her and she tried to calm me down. Tears were pouring...the doorbell rings. Its BFF, Punjabi and his family. Mom arranged a Christmas party for them. I start yelling at BFF through my cracked dry throat.

She doesn't really respond.

I say..."Did you give Toni Childs (her other bff) a bill? She really does owe you money!" She says no.

I tell her I'm hurt. I know she needs money for the baby but that I would've gotten everything she needs.

She says she's sorry. She didn't know why she did it. I walk out crying. Mom looks at me. I shake my head.
Before that dream...I dreamt that I was a wedding reception at the studio I teach my makeup classes at.

I started out cute and slim in an lbd with a wide belt around my waist. I started eating cake, lasagna, cream balls...I was out of control. My stomach kept getting bigger. Then, all these guys from high school were there. I was trying to be sexy but stomach kept getting bigger.

I started to run but all the studios were connected. I ran into these German guys doing the salsa. Not with each other but learning in the mirror. Then, I ran into the next room where a Jamaican wedding party were dressed like a marching band in red, white and silver. Heavy on the silver. I finally got back to my party. No one really missed me and I was asked to clean up. #UBERFAIL lol

What do you guys think these dreams mean?
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avec Moi

I am ecstatic my fave bloggers have come back and are blogging again! I have to catch up on EVERYBODY's blog. Will do ASAP.

I told BFF I was really upset about what she said to me. She said I took it the wrong way...she meant those things as a compliment. Her saying that she could never imagine hearing me say I'm in love and am going to get married is because I don't mince words and I don't say things I don't

Twin said..."Don't ever take love advice from BFF. What the eff does she know?! She devalues herself to be in long-term relationships and she probably expects you to do the same."

I'm trying not to be judgmental.

But...he's kinda right.
I'm trying to let it go...I haven't spoken to her since that incident. She'll do what she normally does...wait for me to call/text. Whatevs.

My emotional state is kind of fragile. I feel like part of me doesn't even want to do makeup anymore. I'm tired emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Lexi (ahhh, a new friend - lol) saw me at church today...I was smiling and such but she was like...Nope, something's off. What's wrong?

I told her how I was feeling. She said..."Don't give up makeup. Its your passion! You have so much going on! You want to move, you have 2 businesses, you have this challenge, you want love. I have no idea how you do it! You pour your heart into everything you do. Who is pouring into you?"

I'm going to try and limit contact for the next week with the needy people in my life: BFF, J and Twin. I have no space for them right now.

I realize that I am not happy. I'm going to change that as best I can.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sticks n Stones

When I was a chubby little girl growing up in the NYC Public School system, kids used to say mean things to me all the time. When I was in 5th grade, I got hit by a car. I was out of school for a few days. When I got back to school, someone said..."Hey, we weren't worried about you. We were worried about the car. You're so big, you probably dented it really bad."

Things like sticks with you. It never really bothered me what strangers said...rather, the worst hurt comes from people that know you and know you well.

Case and point:
Today, I called BFF as I do every day to check up on her in her delicate condition.

She told me she's nauseous but doesn't throw up and she's been dizzy all day.

She also told me about her friend L who is just like me...she's hard on men...she's a skeptic when it comes to love. If a guy messes up, she writes them off. She has barbed wire around her heart. Anyway, L told her - "I found the one. We are going to get married. I love this man."

BFF said she never imagine hearing those words come from L nor can she imagine hearing those words come from me.

She then says, "Can you ever hear yourself say to me 'BFF, I love this man. He's the one. We're going to get married'?"

I said.."Yes!"

She said she can't wait until she does but she can't picture it.

I said.."I'm speechless." As the tears kind of fell from eyes. I was so hurt.

She said she didn't mean to offend me. She was sorry. She's the direct opposite of me and she still can't get it right...

I changed the subject to food and eating. Then ended the conversation.

There was nothing more to say...
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm so sick of struggling..of watching every dime that comes in and out of my wallet. I'm tired of making one false step...and ca-blooey.

If I were the type of woman that thought tears really helped a situation, I'd be in a puddle right now. Tears don't help...and so I'm on my way to the gym.

Just in case a few do come, I'm not the type of woman that cries in public either.

I feel like I've been cursed with a curse because I haven't paid my tithes in a month. Maybe I deserve this...


Enough! I have 30 minutes of cardio ahead. I have the heaviest feeling on my chest. :/
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Happy New Year and such!

Hey ya'll. I'm alive!

New Year's Eve was really blah. I was ticked off the entire day. Mom called to wake me up to take her to the ER. After waiting from 9am- 2pm, we got home where I still had final cleaning to do, a boat load of laundry, grooming and relaxation.

I took a nap. Cleaned all I could, got the laundry together. Then, all of a sudden, the wheel to my cart broke in half. After, it just broke right off. I was pissed! What I wanted to wear was in that cart!

I went to the store and picked something out. Got my eyebrows done and picked out a new wig before Editor got to my house. Turned out, the shirt I bought didn't fit.

I found something in my closet - Thank God! We were on our way fighting for cabs. It was ridiculous.

We got to the wine bar which was relatively empty except for the many many couples in the place. We ordered a bottle of Riesling and I was feeling good enough to be the only one dancing.

I just wanted to forget all my troubles. A little after midnight, one of Editor's friends came by and she just wouldn't stop talking...she was talking about real stuff careers, God, celibacy...I was like DAMN! Shut up! We wound up at her house at the end of the night. I was over it.

In other news, I started the 111-Day Challenge. It started yesterday. Its so funny. I just started it on a whim and now 51 people have joined with me. Its an amazing feeling to say you want to do something and for people - more than half of them...I don't know - say, I support you. I want to join you. If any of you want to join, the blog for the challenge is Registration ends on the 9th.

In other news, God is amazing. He really is like my father and I am the bratty kid that he has to put in time out.

I'm a little anxious about my guys know! Every year, it sucks...I always cry. This is a BIG birthday. I'll be 25. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

This year, I'm going to be selfish and try not to be guilty about it. I offered to help Gi with her baby shower when she first got pregnant. I've been asking and asking when she wanted to have the shower. She's 7mos right now and she's finally decided to have her baby shower my birthday weekend. I told her I can't plan it. Of all the weekends...that one...after all these months. No. Why would I want to plan your baby shower the weekend of my birthday? When it was her birthday, she said "F U" to everyone and was on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend. I mean...really? Last year on my bday, she didn't even show up to my party. The weekend of Feb. one exists but me because every other weekend, its all about everyone else.

There's been a random pain behind my right eye. I'm hoping its just caffeine withdrawal.

I'm a little sad. I got no NYE kiss. I'm hoping there will be a birthday kiss but that's unlikely. I'm just sad and lonely...yuck!
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