Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*le sigh*

i feel like banging my head against something really hard.
i have a ledger.
i've been monitoring my account.
yet and still i managed to overdraft TWICE this week.
70 freaking dollars
to the bank
that should be in my pocket.

i've been applying to jobs.
no one calls me back.
my resume rocks
i rock interviews.

everyone around me is like...
why are you unemployed?

i want to run away....i want a new apartment. i want a new life.
i feel stuck.
and every time i manage to clear up a little bit of space...
an avalanche comes.

i'm tired of being broke, single and fat.
i'm tired of these problems constantly coming one after the other...
i know its apart of life...

i'm just like WHEN WILL THIS END???

on sunday, pastor said..."this too shall pass" - he wanted us to get it in our spirit because for some of us, this year will be hard. if we don't keep our eyes on God, the enemy will have us thinking we have nothing to live for.

so yes...this too shall pass.....but i'm like....WHEN?
i'm going to focus on the things that i CAN re-budgeting the little money i will have this week, applying for more jobs today than i did yesterday and trying NOT to lose myself to pity and depression.i would much rather sulk and lay in bed with the covers over my head. not today!

i really just don't know how much more i can take.

(no comments, i just wanted to vent)