Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and such!

Hey ya'll. I'm alive!

New Year's Eve was really blah. I was ticked off the entire day. Mom called to wake me up to take her to the ER. After waiting from 9am- 2pm, we got home where I still had final cleaning to do, a boat load of laundry, grooming and relaxation.

I took a nap. Cleaned all I could, got the laundry together. Then, all of a sudden, the wheel to my cart broke in half. After, it just broke right off. I was pissed! What I wanted to wear was in that cart!

I went to the store and picked something out. Got my eyebrows done and picked out a new wig before Editor got to my house. Turned out, the shirt I bought didn't fit.

I found something in my closet - Thank God! We were on our way fighting for cabs. It was ridiculous.

We got to the wine bar which was relatively empty except for the many many couples in the place. We ordered a bottle of Riesling and I was feeling good enough to be the only one dancing.

I just wanted to forget all my troubles. A little after midnight, one of Editor's friends came by and she just wouldn't stop talking...she was talking about real stuff careers, God, celibacy...I was like DAMN! Shut up! We wound up at her house at the end of the night. I was over it.

In other news, I started the 111-Day Challenge. It started yesterday. Its so funny. I just started it on a whim and now 51 people have joined with me. Its an amazing feeling to say you want to do something and for people - more than half of them...I don't know - say, I support you. I want to join you. If any of you want to join, the blog for the challenge is Registration ends on the 9th.

In other news, God is amazing. He really is like my father and I am the bratty kid that he has to put in time out.

I'm a little anxious about my guys know! Every year, it sucks...I always cry. This is a BIG birthday. I'll be 25. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

This year, I'm going to be selfish and try not to be guilty about it. I offered to help Gi with her baby shower when she first got pregnant. I've been asking and asking when she wanted to have the shower. She's 7mos right now and she's finally decided to have her baby shower my birthday weekend. I told her I can't plan it. Of all the weekends...that one...after all these months. No. Why would I want to plan your baby shower the weekend of my birthday? When it was her birthday, she said "F U" to everyone and was on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend. I mean...really? Last year on my bday, she didn't even show up to my party. The weekend of Feb. one exists but me because every other weekend, its all about everyone else.

There's been a random pain behind my right eye. I'm hoping its just caffeine withdrawal.

I'm a little sad. I got no NYE kiss. I'm hoping there will be a birthday kiss but that's unlikely. I'm just sad and lonely...yuck!
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