Monday, January 10, 2011

Dream Dreams

I had the most horrible dream about BFF this morning.

It was near Christmas. The house looked festive outside and in. I went to my mom's part of the house to get the mail. I saw some letters with BFF's handwriting on it. I opened them up and they were BILLS for our friendship. Like...Service: Driving you home at the beginning of the blizzard. $30. Type of thing. Mom came home and I told her and she tried to calm me down. Tears were pouring...the doorbell rings. Its BFF, Punjabi and his family. Mom arranged a Christmas party for them. I start yelling at BFF through my cracked dry throat.

She doesn't really respond.

I say..."Did you give Toni Childs (her other bff) a bill? She really does owe you money!" She says no.

I tell her I'm hurt. I know she needs money for the baby but that I would've gotten everything she needs.

She says she's sorry. She didn't know why she did it. I walk out crying. Mom looks at me. I shake my head.
Before that dream...I dreamt that I was a wedding reception at the studio I teach my makeup classes at.

I started out cute and slim in an lbd with a wide belt around my waist. I started eating cake, lasagna, cream balls...I was out of control. My stomach kept getting bigger. Then, all these guys from high school were there. I was trying to be sexy but stomach kept getting bigger.

I started to run but all the studios were connected. I ran into these German guys doing the salsa. Not with each other but learning in the mirror. Then, I ran into the next room where a Jamaican wedding party were dressed like a marching band in red, white and silver. Heavy on the silver. I finally got back to my party. No one really missed me and I was asked to clean up. #UBERFAIL lol

What do you guys think these dreams mean?
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Trish said...

I'm no interpreter but maybe the dream had something to do with your weight loss goals and you not wanting to fail at that.