Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayer Changes Thangs

Hey Boos!!
Thank you for your prayers...I didn't realize you guys left comments because for some reason, my comments weren't going to my email.


They worked!!!!

I got the job!! I will be making $4 more per hour + 3% commission on everything I sell.

So.....I made $202,202 at the current job in 5 months. That translated to $303 each week extra I could've been paid.

I'm excited and a little scared. Commission sales are hard. The chicks at my job went IN and we weren't getting paid on comm. I'm pretty sure I can do the job and do it well but I will go from training folks to being trained. To knowing every aspect of the job to not knowing anything at all.

All these what-ifs are clouding my head...what if I get fired for not making sales? What if no one likes me? What if? What if? What if?

I've been relying on prayer to get me through most days lately...prayer will definitely see me through. What-ifs paralyze us. I'm done with being stuck. do I tell my boss I want to leave? And before Secret Santa happens? And my gratis (free stuff) is almost within my reach as well....AND I love my Account Exec from Clinique. How do I tell her I'm leaving but want to maintain my relationship with her. So many questions.....*le sigh*

I'm sure it will all get sorted out somehow.


I vow to post at least 2 -3 times per week.

I wasn't blogging as much because my life has really been uneventful. I need to make some events happen.

Soooo...I've been a little under the weather this week. I went to the grocery store yesterday and I bought some soup, Theraflu and orange juice. When I checked my balance later on in the day, I was in the negative the amount of money the groceries cost...which was funny because I had more than enough in my account.

I called Chase.
"Oh, Department of Taxation and Finance (IRS) seized the funds in your account because you owe $1027 in taxes.

Many things ran through my mind...oh my account is frozen. My check is being direct deposited. I'll have no money....

"I won't know more until tomorrow. Call back, ma'am"

I hung up and was a little more than worried. Why the eff would they do this around Christmas time?

Last year, I was on Unemployment. The nice folks at UI did not take out federal taxes even though I opted to have taxes taken out. Apparently, they only take out state and not federal taxes. Oh...the idocy. So.....I ended up owing $900 in taxes. Wouldn't common sense say that if someone is on unemployment benefits, they can't afford to pay $900 in taxes immediately? No. No? Ok. Here's where I effed up at....I pushed it in the back of my mind.

We're in a recession...the federal government is not playing with its money. So, I will call them tomorrow and get a payment plan poppin.

In the meantime, my direct deposit should be available to me as my account is not frozen...
What's messing me up is account is overdrawn, a payment to my gas company was rejected and my phone bill is coming out + i have gifts to buy...i will have little money to work with this week. Crayyyyy....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Every day I complain about work on Twitter.  I didn't realize this until one of my followers volunteered to pray for me. Crazy.

On my day off yesterday, I prayed a small prayer asking God to help me find something better and give me favor with my applications I'm sending so that I can move forward.

Last week, a girl who works at Chanel quit. She found a job at Macys paying $20 per hour + 3% commission on everything she sells. She's working for a pretty expensive brand and so...she could easily take home an extra thousand each week. Crazy. I had been wrestling within myself between loyalty to this company and their promises of a raise in January and starting over. When I thought about it...I knew what I had to do but I really just didn't want to....

I created an awesome cover letter, updated my resume and fired it off to Macys and Bloomingdales.

Today, Twin called as he always does at the butt crack of 9am. I ignored his call since I didn't technically have to be at work until 1:15 and up out of bed til 11:30. The phone rang again. It was Macy's!  They wanted an interview. Thursday. At 5! Yes. Yes. Yes.

The lady said something interesting. She said that they wanted to interview me before (probably 6 months ago when I was still looking) but for some reason, the interview email didn't go through.

Honestly, I think it was God's doing. 6 months ago, I had no retail experience. I had no knowledge of how a cosmetics counter worked, the dynamics of the business, marketing or anything. In 6 months, I have learned so much. Ive done everything I was asked...from training people to business reports...not because of any reason except that I needed that bullet point on my resume. And I'm hoping those bullet points equal dollar bills.
There were no hangers available in the locker room. I put my coat in an empty locker. When I went to retrieve it, my coat was missing. I searched high and low. Someone moved my coat out of the locker and into the Loss Prevention office. Why? I don't know. As I was searching, the locker my coat was in was still empty. There were other things in presumed empty lockers. Why was my coat moved?

No one knows. I'm sick of the senseless shit that goes down.

If I stay...because in my head...they're going to beg me to stay....I want to be in the buying office. Or at a job where I sit at a desk job.
And get paid more.

Last week my boss said I need to dress more professionally and less edgy. I bought 2 pairs of pants and a blazer on sale and at the Salvation Army for $60 and I have to eat soup for the rest of the week. The first day wearing the blazer, I was color-matching a makeup and the makeup exploded as soon as I squeezed it and got all over me. So, you want me to dress like a fashion model when my clothes are just going to be ruined!? And really, who am I impressing?  I don't care.

So.. I hope I ace this interview and can give my notice before the year is out. Pray for me! Clearly, it works! Who applies for a job at 9:30 at night and gets a call back the next morning?