Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inmate #388201

Brother Wise is in prison or jail. I don't know the difference.
His son is about 4 years old. He hasn't been with the mother of his child in about 3 years. However, he like any other father wants to know the type of dudes she's bringing around his kid. The girl lied to him, saying she wasn't seeing anyone but he would see the same car in her driveway repeatedly. One day, he came by to pick up his son. He saw the car there and he knew the dude was there so he thought, "Great! I get to meet this guy." This dude runs out the back door.

Brother Wise is not a physically intimidating man. He is about 5ft5 inches. He does have some weight on him but seriously, at one point, I thought I could take him myself...but I think I could take most people. But that is a bitch move.

Two weeks later, the same thing happens except, BW caught him and beat him up and stabbed him 5 times. The most gentle man that I know was arrested on assault and was given a year in prison.When he told me this, I was in pure shock. Its like learning that care bears and pandas eat babies. I will write to him. I am not sure what to talk about or to say but I feel like as a friend, if I go down on an assault charge - which could happen to anyone if pushed- I'd want everyone to write me.

That shhhh crayy.


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I had to read this twice because I was trying to figure out if I missed out on something and now I'm still confused...who is Brother Wise?!!! Clue me in!

Nina said...

Brother Wise is a college bf I was totally infatuated with ever since. We never worked out because he felt like he wasn't good enough for me.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

"Its like learning that care bears and pandas eat babies" I can't with you sometimes lol.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Girl we had a prison ministry and I would write about what was going on the outside in our city, current events, updates on his family and encouraging words and scriptures. Good luck! It will be appreciated trust! :)

Reggie said...

Sounds like the dude had good reason to go out that back door.