Sunday, April 8, 2012

Instant Love

I'm not sure how to begin this post or how to really verbalize what's going on in my life....not because of anything bad but rather because there is so much to say.
A week ago, a Twitter friend tweeted a poll on if he should keep his beard or cut it off. I DM'ed him asking him if that wasn't a question for his honey. He then informed me that he was single. From there, phone numbers were exchanged and texts and phone calls.
I like this man. Even though there are certain points of interest that make me cautious.
1. He graduated high school in 1988. I was born in 1986.
2. He lives in Atlanta.
3. He has the same first name as The Nigerian.
But, ever the analytical person...I've been comparing him to Trini and DK and he's awesome in comparison. Anyway...I'm not going to jump off the deep end with this one. He's coming to NYC in June. If he comes, I've invited myself to see "A Streetcar Named Desire" with him and we'll see where it goes.
His moniker.....I'm not that original, so ATL because that's where he's from. Lol
Anyways...I was talking on Twitter again with this dope dude and he was saying how women don't understand when a dude they're talking to has a hectic schedule but yet is still trying to make time for them.
I said...women are expected to make concessions and understand when men aren't held to the same standard.
He countered with, "Many 20somethings are out there expecting instant love."
He floored me with that one. What if that is my problem?
Am I expecting to fall in love in 5 minutes? This generation wants everything right away...
But then I thought about it and I don't want instant love...I just want love without the games.
I have no clue when I became so serious. Sometimes, it scares me how seriously I take things but we only get one chance at life....shouldn't it be?

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