Saturday, August 23, 2014

blog culture

i went through the craziest time in my life while having this blog.
i was in love with someone and we were dating but maybe we both weren't ready for it
or perhaps
he wasn't the right one for me

he kind of made it into a love triangle thing.
and ended up leaving me for the other girl.
and he also had a blog too

so, i'm reading my archives
and i have it convinced in my mind now that he really didn't love me
but when i read what we both wrote....
there was actually a lot of love there.

i didn't look into my archives to reminisce on that situation. was apart of my life.
and its there
i thought he was my soulmate

shit just doesnt work out
and it sucks

he has 2 kids with this girl and they're still together
maybe i don't believe in soulmates anymore
or maybe i just haven't found mine.

1 comment:

Miss♥K said...

I say you havent found yours yet, I believe there's someone out there for everyone its only a matter of how and when you'll meet them. thats the tough part