Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Alive

I've decided to work at a breakneck pace. Working from 8am to 2am most days. Sunday, the day of rest is the only day I won't work (as hard.) In 5 months, my unemployment will end technically if I don't file for an extension. In 5 months, my business needs to be able to sustain my lifestyle. I need to take everything I have to make that happen.

This week has been interesting.

Wednesday, I did Adina Howard's face. I got to meet Ice Tn his wife, Coco and Tyson Beckford. The stylist who hired me ended up paying me $10. He owes me more but claims he didn't have it. He would give it to me the next day and hasn't bee picking up my phone calls. I have half a mind to show up at his house.

Anywhosies, Tyson Beckford. Oh em gee. He's effing gorgeous! I was never wild about him but in person, I was just staring at him like...oh yea baby! He's all tall and manly and beautiful with tiny eyes and full lips. Yum!

Coco sounds like me. Ice sounds like he just needs a reason to whoop some taill.

He said, "You take care, aiight." I was like...."Please don't hurt me.." In my

I've added 2 new products to my line. Exciting. Will drop them this week.

Twin said I give "tough love" and I'm not sure what that means...

Ummm...all I want to share right now...hope all is well!
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Young woman on a journey said...

i see you looking extra fab among all those beautiful people. very jealous at your proximity to tyson. you have decent

Trish said...

$10?! Wth?! Girl I'm going to need you to start putting your foot down with these people who keep trying to rip you off!