Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Puppy Love + VDay was a Drag

That's my pup pup Rocky.
We're bonding more...I think I've spoiled him a bit and I need to break him out of it. I've given him too much attention - out of boredom, the newness of having a dog and just plain being home all day. Today, he barked at me because I was looking for jobs on the computer and wasn't paying attention to him. I waited til he was done and then threw him his, he knows...barking gets you nowhere. After much prayer and many frantic internet searches/frustrated BBM's to Trish, he's finally walking on the leash. It takes him 10 mins to get used to walking and then he's good. He's still deathly afraid of people and vehicles...he just stands there paralyzed. Hopefully, that'll change soon.

I've spent by default too much time with him...since I only go to church on Wednesdays and Sundays (both for 2 hrs at the most)... I'm not gone from him for more than 4 hrs a day...2-3 days a week. That's nuts! He really is going to have separation anxiety when I get a job. *sigh*

Valentine's Day...I decided when I woke up, I didn't want to spend it alone but that I was also too proud to call some random guy for a date. So, I asked BFF to go out. She said yes. The entire day goes by and she hasn't responded to any of my calls. She calls me at 8, saying her phone died and she still wanted to go out. So, we decide to go to Maracas. On the drive over, she gets a call from a college friend asking about her pregnancy and Punjabi. Out of nowhere, BFF goes OFF because Punjabi rushed off to "take of something," on Valentine's Day. She assumed that something was his live-in girlfriend. Also, she's pissed because he has yet to break up with said gf or tell anyone about her/the baby and she's dying to tell her parents. This situation gives me a headache.

Anyways, we get to Maracas and the food was DELICIOUS. I had baked chicken stuffed with cheese, rice and peppers. It was a 3-course meal for $35 (including tip.). The entertainment for the night was several pop songs performed by drag queens. There was Santura,the white girl singing Madonna, Morgan, the black girl who sang something from Dreamgirls and a spanish girl (forgot her name) who sang Only Girl in the was quite awesome with lots of laughs along the way. BFF and I ate until we were full. I had a $3 margarita and we both got some stuff off our chests. Hers - the baby situation. Mine - how disheartening this job market is! How I apply and apply and I'm only getting scams responding. That's another post in itself!
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P.S. I love this... said...

Your puppy is adorable. Yes, training is difficult and alot of times the success of it depends on the breed of dog. Some dogs are characteristically willful and will only do what they want to do.

For my Yorkie.. the in-house training was difficult. But once he had all his shots and was able to "go" outside, it was great. He would smell what he needed to that made him want to go. Now you couldn't pay him to go inside.. I believe he thinks it's undignified. lol

Nina said...

thanks P.S. Yes, shih tzus (as with most toy breeds) are really hard to train.

Nina said...

thanks P.S. Yes, shih tzus (as with most toy breeds) are really hard to train.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Rocky is adorable!!!! Send him to Miami to vacay!! far as Valentine's Day, I'm glad you were able to get out of the house and spend it being entertained. I tried to steer clear of the social networking sites which were full of date nights, surprise plans and engagements. My friend and her co-workers had a girls night in and that's where I went. We ate, drank wine and talked about our single-ness (made up word yes lol)...anywho, I wish the baby situation with your friend was better. This reminds me of when my best friend got pregnant. My godson's father was engaged and the wife to be didn't find out about my godson until after the wedding...why women put themselves in these effed up situations I'll never know. Love is not supposed to hurt.