Monday, August 13, 2012


if you haven't seen this should! it is so cute and it has been one of the few movies that has kept me completely engaged the whole time and kept my mind off of grieving.

it's about this company that puts a timer in your arm that counts down the time til you meet The One. the main girl Oona is obsessed with her timer fearing she will never find him. it's sooo good.

i bought a netflix subscription because i still don't have cable and it was a whimsical thing to do. i found this on there and it was amazing.

what else is there to say??
my brothers and aunt are coming in to town tomorrow. i gotta make sure my house is clean.
the funeral is on friday.
my godbaby started walking.
the bestie hasn't really been THERE for me but i'm not surprised.

i slept with dk last night. (yay to 3 day periods!)
i haven't had sex since march. (i think. or was it april? if i have to think that hard, it's bad)
the sex was good as always but he held me all night. he made me  feel really small. i missed big hands, big arms and being little spoon to someone's big spoon.
this morning, i wanted to run away because i'm not sure about who/what i am to him and if the answer is's fine. i just want to know. part of me doesn't want to go back there with him, i'm bored but it is safe.

the other part wouldn't mind being bored because i can always find a way to entertain myself. ;)

i wish i had a freaking timer!

i will chalk up last night to the grieving process.

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