Wednesday, September 5, 2012

more money woes....

i don't know if buying my ticket to london was a good thing after all.
i had a business about 2 years ago. i kept telling nys (new york state) that i didn't have any employees but they still charged me unemployment insurance. fast forward. i owe $1300 for insurance for employees i never had. nys doesn't care.
around the same time, i was on unemployment myself. (how ironic)
the government took out federal taxes but not state and i owe $1100 in taxes on UNEMPLOYMENT benefits that i received.

how about i got a letter in the mail that my wages are going to be garnished for these 2 tax warrants.
i already get $125 taken out in taxes every check. (i get paid per week) + health insurance which is $40 + now $120 for this tax shit + $169 for my student loans every month + rent + utilities + general upkeep (hair, nails, etc) + food.

at the same time, i'm trying to self-publish a book and go to europe.

i'm gonna have start selling something other than books and makeup!

they never said it would be easy
but does it have to be this freakin hard????

honestly, i'm glad i bought my ticket.
even i spent $1000 on the taxes, it still wouldn't be enough.

i'm going to be living off of franks and beans to be able to afford food and such.



Reggie said...

Our government is in desperate need of an enema.

Jade said...

The trip will be worth it. Life is meant to be experienced. 15 yrs from now u won't remember the 2k tax bills you'll remember this trip. Go and enjoy urself, guilt free.