Sunday, October 7, 2012


I can feel my fingertips on his cool skin
smooth like ivory,
 his ebony skin is like butter.
Cocoa rich brown.
He is dinner and dessert and I eat heartily.
 Good to the last drop
 i remember
his lips like pillows
 I dream him.
 Don't want to wake up
 I breathe him.
I see him in my mind's eye
wide open.
I have run in circles.
 Away from him running into
his arms.
he lets me.
 lost in love's lustful liason
 with hearts hurt and healing.
 I want to save him from myself.
 I long for arms to hold me.
 Long for pillow soft kisses
belying legs tangled. hands roaming. fingers laced. breath on my neck and we become...
I am ready to cast of my shrouds of mourning and thrust myself into

I am ready for love.

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Miss♥K said...

girl why haven't you BEEN writing poetry all along? Heh? I can't hear you! lol but seriously, good stuff mamacita!