Tuesday, October 30, 2012

humpty dumpty

i want to love
like a woman unbroken
as the wind beats at my back
i am on my knees and i can not stand
i wish i never felt the bitter tears on my lips
streaked upon my pillow
my heart in pieces
jagged and torn
the edges of it bleeding
threatening never to be whole again

give me back the part of me you took when you left

the little girl that thought that love conquered all
but love is in the corner of the ring
with a black eye waiting for that knock out punch

and i
have nothing left to give

when will my smile
be something more than
plastic perfection?
rehearsed movements my face automatically contorts itself to
to reassure you that

i'm alright.
doing just fine
moving on in time

i want to be loved
by a man unafraid
to look me in the eye and tell me our truth

i'm afraid

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