Friday, April 5, 2013

real or game?

me and the frenchman was supposed to go on a date but trouble struck at his job and he didn't get home til 11. he asked to see me that late. me being the savvy lady i am said for him to meet me at work for lunch tomorrow or sunday, i'm off. he's off.

he danced around for a bit and said he'd probably see me for lunch. sunday is his day to sleep all day. he says it's the one day for himself. i get it. i've known him a week. i'm not trying to make him change his life...but, eventually...sundays are going to be mine...*evil laugh*

i think he's infatuated by me...he thinks i'm beautiful and smart and he wants another "taste" but he keeps reminding me that he doesn't just wasnt 1 night or just a sexual relationship. he's told me so much that it isn't reassuring's making me question.

  and i don't want to do that..overthink things.

but, i don't want to get my hopes up and get all starry eyed because i don't think i can handle another disappointment. i want to protect my heart but i don't want to be jaded.

what do i do?

i hate all this damn uncertainty

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Emanuel Evans said...

Wait it out. Take it day by day and nothing more than that. Basically, listen to your instincts, pay attention, don't ignore the signs, and wait it out. Time tells it all. If he's still being attentive and all of his actions are matching up with his words a year from now, you can probably start to relax and take it all in.