Monday, November 11, 2013

Best I Ever Had

(see previous post for some bullshit men dealings)
(This is a post where I talk about a night of sex explicitly. NSFW)

I'd been texting this guy for a couple of days. We met online and he'd made it apparent that he didn't want a relationship of any kind. He just wanted to hang out with a cool chick. Since I'm dating a few guys and I thought Corey and I were on the up and up, I thought...why not? Sometimes, you need someone to fill your time and inbox.

After the whole Corey debacle, I thought, why not give Dragon a try. (You'll see why his name is Dragon in a second) They say the best way to get over 1 man is to get under another and boy they were right!

I took a cab to Puff's house and he met me outside to pay for it. Opening my door, I didn't really know what to expect. I'm awkward...most of the time, but he was cool as a cucumber. Once inside, he got me some red wine and we watched football which I groaned about for a minute.

He turned off the sound (lol) and we sat face to face on his bed Indian-style and we talked. It turns out we both traveled to some of the same places: Vegas, London, Paris, Amsterdam....and we swapped stories. His skin is amazing. It's smooth and shiny and I just liked looking at him.

He got me another glass of wine which I watched him pour (no roofies, lol) and he joked about wanting to jump me. I asked why not? and he I turned to look at the TV. When I turned around to him, he kissed me this wet, sloppy kiss.

and it was on!
he turned on some music. this song was first and it actually became the pre-cursor for the night.

He laid me on my on back (ever so gently - Biggie reference) on the bed and took off my bra with one hand (talented fella) and proceeded to kiss up and down my body.  After, he went back and sucked and nibbled on my breasts. I'm a bit nervous about my eczema and dry skin but he was awesome, saying he suffers from eczema too and he understood. He bit and nibbled on my belly
and made his way down to my kitty. He licked and sucked on her until she purred. I was shaking like a leaf when he held me briefly and then stood up, taking off his pants.

I did my part, sucking and licking on him until he pulled away, not wanting to end the encounter too soon. He put on a condom and laid on top of me, entering me slowly, I moaned and he growled.

He is big. 
I don't get much sex so I'm tight but it felt so good.
He was gentle and so aware of whether or not he was hurting me.
He is one of the few lovers I've had that was so in tune with my body. Each thrust of his, I met with my own and usually, I kegel during sex because my muscles get relaxed and I stop feeling the guy. This time, my body was kegeling on its own out of pleasure.

He said it felt like a fist was clenching him. (in a good way)
He came in the right amount of time. not too fast and not too slow...pounding away until I was ready to tap out. He got a hot cloth and washed my kitty.
He began massaging my body and telling me how beautiful it is...he spooned me and we just talked, He told me about his daughter, his mom's passing and how he was in a car accident and was technically dead for about 30 minutes.

Round 2.
I called him the Dragon..Puff, the Magic Dragon.
It was abruptly cut short because I got a little dry but he fixed it by starting up my engines again. His tongue is a lethal weapon. I came so hard and then he wrapped up and entered me again.

Round 3.
*Fireworks and birds singing.*
Afterwards, he washed me again. Idk why he does this but I let him and he likes it. *shrug*
I that a thing?
He told me he was done. I'd worn him out. He'd been looking for a girl like me...someone who was cool and he was sexually compatible with - that  he could hang with both in the sack and outside. We lay spooning, watching Law and Order and I don't know..something in me wasn't done yet.

Enter Round 4.
He wasn't as done as he thought he was. *evil giggle*
Each time was amazing.

I'm surprised I could walk. It was 5 hours of bliss. I took a cab home and took the most wonderful hot shower and fell asleep.
I can't wait to see him again.


Miss♥K said...

oooh yummy. sounds like you had a good time mamacita. heeeey! lmao at belly pouch i call mine the kangaroo pouch.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Hey girl! Wow! and Damn! Lol!