Monday, November 11, 2013

Men are Confounding

I'd been seeing Corey since September off and on. Our relationship was casual. When we were lonely, we'd hang and it was all good. Friday night, we got some food and hung out, talked and we sort of fooled around a bit. After, we talked some more and he told me that he was developing feelings for me and that he wanted to explore them a bit more.

I was elated. I, too, had secretly been developing feelings for him and could see myself really dating him. Corey is funny, smart, driven and is overall, a sweet guy. He didn't want to just hang anymore. He asked me out on a formal date. Score!

He dropped me off home and I started trying on outfits for our date on Saturday until  I realized I left my phone in his car. Boo!

I emailed him. It was late. He ended up bringing it to me at work. When I looked up and saw his face, my heart leapt. He hugged me from behind and handed me my phone, told me he was double-parked and that he'd see me later.

My client asked me..Who is that?
My boyfriend, I replied. - I know! I know!! Wishful thinking....

Corey texted me at around 7:30 that he was still in Queens. (About 30-45 minutes from where I live in Brooklyn) but that he'd call me later. I was getting off of work at that time and we were scheduled to meet at 10.

Corey is habitually late, so when 10pm rolled around, I still hadn't showered or dressed. I also hadn't heard from him. I sent him a text saying, "Hey. What's up?"

No response.
He called me 3 times back to back at 11pm. Each time I picked up, all I heard was silence.
I called him back twice and the same thing.

I sent him a text asking if something was wrong with his phone because I couldn't hear anything..No response.
Even weirder.

He called me again at 12 and then at 1:30. Same thing.
At this point, I'm he playing games with me?
I turned the ringer off my phone and went to sleep.


Not only was I officially stood up, he was toying with me. If he didn't want to date me, he didn't have to bring it up.

Saturday, I hung out with my Twin. He said that clearly Corey is playing games and I shouldn't even invest anymore time in it. The whole situation is bizarre to say the least. As we're talking, another call from him comes through and the same shit - SILENCE.

He told me the next time he calls, I should go off when I pick, hi, I can't hear you. I'm being too nice.

Maybe he's right.
But...WHY go through all of that? WHY fuck up a good thing? I really don't get it.

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Miss♥K said...

hmmm I was getting excited until... dang it! Me being me I'd also keep answering hoping eventually id be able to hear him on the other line and he could simply say hey sorry my phone has been crazy- seeing as tho he knows where you work and live, if he really wanted to reach you could. I don't know does seem a bit odd considering he said he wanted to explore things further-- but maybe he is indeed playing games. sigh