Monday, September 23, 2013

feet on the ground

i'm vegan.
not sure if i mentioned this before but my eczema has gotten out of control. rather than go on steroids which caused a lot of the problem, i've turned my diet upside down.

no meat, dairy, corn and corn products, and gluten/wheat-free when i can.

the first 2 weeks, i felt like my feet were stuck in quicksand. now, i feel really good. i don't think i want to go back to a regular diet again. in addition to being vegan, i've been slathering blackseed oil and shea butter on my skin like nobody's business. i've lost some weight. my skin which was heavily discolored is now starting to lighten up.

there is a light spot on my face. i'm trying not freak out about it. it could be vitiligo. vitiligo is connected to people that have eczema...i really don't want to add another thing to the battle but...i'm putting blackseed oil on that too...ugh!

lady k sent me an email asking me about the frenchman.
in april, i asked was it real or game? GAME.
a little after our 2nd date, we were supposed to meet up for lunch while we were both at work.

firstly...we live in nyc. who asks someone to help them move from philly to nj out of the blue.
secondly, why didnt he call or text me to tell me that. i was calling HIM about 30 minutes before we were to meet up.

he says, i'll make it up to you. i'm going to be tired but i'll be taking the train into penn station (down the block from my job) about the same time you're leaving from work. maybe i'll be 30mins or an hour late if you want to wait for me.

sounds reasonable.

i wait 30 minutes before i'm to leave because i'm NOT waiting for someone who's communication track record is not so hot. no answer.

i called this dude like 3 or 4 times.

that was saturday. he calls me monday.
he has the nerve to ask me "why haven't i heard from you?"

are you fucking serious dude???
he claims he came in from nj at 2am. sunday is his day of rest and he doesn't speak to anyone on sundays and here we are monday. but i could've called him on sunday.

it took everything in me not to curse his ass out.
i calmly explained that when you stand someone up..they're not that eager to try and reach out to you. you did wrong. you apologize. he then sees it my way.

he wants to make a plan to see me again. i'm non-committal.
i call him and text him just to see if i'm holding a grudge. this time. he goes RADIO SILENT.
no calls, no texts.

yo....3 WEEKS GO BY.
he hits me up like we've been chopping it up every fuckin day.
him:"why haven't i heard from you?"
me: i could ask you the same thing
him: i was on business in alabama and in other middle-america states.

i laugh. hard.

him: i noticed you stopped calling me and texting me so i was seeing what was up. i'm back home. i want to see you.

i don't say a word. i just hang up on him.

and that is that.
soooo many things i wanted to say/could've said...i just let it go. it was SO not worth it.
this is why he's 34, has a great job, great apartment, no kids, knows a lot about various topics but is SINGLE. he's crazypants.

ain't nobody got time for that.


Miss♥K said...

Dammit man- girl we seem to run into the same type of guys smh. some fuckin bull shit!!! WHERE ARE THE REAL MEN????

Miss♥K said...

And by the way i greatly applaud you on your diet, gosh i dont even know if I could gather the will power. Hell i still haven't kicked the Pepsi habit you and I shared lol