Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I have a feeling that my next great love is coming soon.

I'm moving to Seattle where there is no black people
or at the least, very little black people

and the black men prefer non-poc women.
and I'm very much attracted to black men.

even though the odds of me falling in love is so slim because i don't like anyone
but the wrong people.

I feel like I'm purging all this shit inside of me that is keeping me from love.

this move has awakened so many ugly things and I'm addressing them one by one.
and it's harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd

but i'm doing it.

April 15th is my date.
not sure HOW i'm moving
i feel like i'm in a vat of quicksand but i'm trying to move forward

and that's all we can really do.


Monique said...

Let me tell you how you move: you rent a Uhaul, load up your stuff and drive to Seattle. See America! See the countryside and think about the wonderful, exciting adventure that lies ahead in Seattle for you. Of course blog and take pictures so that we can see it too. I think a fresh start is exactly what you need right now.

Miss♥K said...

ummmmm girly yeah we need an update lol