Friday, February 16, 2007


(Repost from yesterday)

I'm really fucking depressed. My home situation is demonstrative of my
life. I.e my room is a mess. I can't get straight. My life is a mess I can't get straight. Feeling like I'm quicksand grasping at nothing to pull myself up.
BGF pissed me off to no other. He spent the past 3 days or so drunk/high. Who the fuck does that?
Sometimes I wish life was easy like a myspace page. Like when u get tired of it....u don't log on for a few days. When u hate people, u delete them, and when u feel like it..u can create a new one by signing up with a new email address.
I feel like cutting myself off from people. Life is so hard unneccesarily.
I can't pull myself up from this depression.
My sex drive is even being affected. Yuuuup me! Mine! The girl who wanted sex every place.anytime...who couldn't wait to get home to masturbate...doesn't want to have sex. Feel like crying. Feel like throwing shit. Feel like cutting myself off from everyone and saying "fuck it."can't I just stay n a little corner and just be?

Looking for a new job.

Hopefully I can get it so I can take a break from this one and vegetate for a lil it.

I need shit. take makeup classes...go back to school...I need sanity. Above all.

I wish I could disappear.

You just blink once and I'm gone.
Tanning in Bermuda. Fishing. Something. Anything.

Alas, nothing is owed to anyone.
Nothing is promised.
Nothing should be expected.

Life itself is not for the faint of heart.


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