Thursday, February 8, 2007

<>Playing CatchUp Part Deux<>

I held his arm as we braved the wind whipping against our faces...assaulting our noses..ears...cheeks ruthlessly.....
We were embarkig on an adventure: Afroman and I.

We are completely capable of the run-of-the mill dates like movies..staying home cuddled on the sofa together...dinner...starbucks...but we made this pact that we would see every museum in NYC. I'm not sure whose idea it was..but it sounds
like mine with my ever-ambitious self.

Anyway..I said all that to say that our date to {{{DRUMROLL PLEASE}}}
THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY was wonderful. Ever so often AM kissed me on my neck and I wanted to turn into a puddle of water at his feet.

I feel my relationship with Afroman maturing and growing. He is my friend. He is my lover. I trust him with a lot. I'm learning to trust him more. He is a gift to me. I am not the easiest person to love. I have my crazy moments.I have my moments like right now where I just want to crawl into a ball and be alone in silence. I have my wonderful moments.I have my times when I want to plant kisses on everyone and give hugs...In short,I am thankful that he has chosen to ride this rollercoaster with me.

I was imagining what my life..what our relationship would've been like if I
hadn't been hurt by "J" or "E" or had had my father for longer period of time or a
million little things that has shaped my personality...

(to be continued)

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