Sunday, February 18, 2007

Afroman Debacle

I almost broke up with Afroman yesterday.
It was our 2 month anniversary and it started out with me getting up at
the ass crack of dawn to get to work at 7am. Worked all day at this job
which is like a giant leech on my skin. I feel like its sucking me
dryyyyyyyyyyyyy....I digress.
So we agreed the night before to meet at 3:45. Me coming straight from
work..him from home.
I told him that I would be 15 minutes late.
4pm. I'm at the meeting place. Brooklyn Museum.
Afroman? No where to be found.
I call. He's still home. What?!
He thought I said met at 4:15. He can get there in 15 mins. I'm
skeptical but give him the benefit of the doubt.
4:15 no AM
4:30 no AM
4:35....he walks thru the door.
I'm livid.
He apologizes for being late. I accept but ask does that mean I'm not
supposed to be upset.
Apparently, I'm not and an apology is supposed to wipe out the fact he's
late and that out of all our dates he's been late to all EXCEPT 2.
I'm seeing orange. Not red. Red would mean I'm screaming. Orange means
I'm not saying a word. For an hr and a half. One word answers. He keeps
asking what's wrong. Wrong question. The answer kept coming up to be
this. This is wrong. I can't do this. I want to break up.
That's what was wrong.
I'm juggling a fuill-time job, a grandma in the hospital, a child I'm
mentoring, bills up the wazooe..near financial collapse, a mother who
won't let up, and figuring out what I'm really doing with this gift that
is life and nurturing a relationship.
I'm prioritizing my time to be with him.
I was so exhausted. I never feel like I get enough sleep. EVER!
He has a lot of free time on his hands. He doesn't work. He has no
crisis that he's let me know of. I'm like "why can't u be on time?" I
was late to 1 date. It would be different if I wasn't doing my part as a
gf. I'm a great he says.
I'm thinking...people tend to be on time for the things they value. I
value my job..I'm there on time or ealey 9/10's of the time. I value the
time we spend together...I'm on time 9/10 times...he's on time 2/10's of
the time...what am I to think?
So this was all going through my head while nothing was coming out of my
mouth. He finally got frustrated and walked me to the train so I can go
home. I gave him a lil speech. He said he learned the hard way (my
silent treatment...) And he won't do it anymore.

We'll see.
In the end I love AM and he always gets the benefit of the doubt.

Take chances..tell the someone wrong for u...laugh til ur
stomach random..spend all ur
cash....LIVE LIFE!

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