Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bermuda Day 1: Lizards + Stalker 8-Year Olds!

The only way I can communicate with people is through email. Thus, I shall blog when I can...I can't check blogs or anything. Internet service is spotty at best and the charge to use it on my phone is ridiculous.

When I touched down, it was so beautiful, I almost cried. The first place my sister took me was church. Ay ay ay...I get shy in front of new people. Anywhosies....I'm really here - in the land of pastel-colored houses, palm trees, driving on the left side of the street, and royal blue water everywhere. My sister is trying to keep me in church starting tonight and my brother-in-law is trying to kill us with his crazy driving. Every time I speak, I feel like a Yankee (as my sister's mother called me 5 minutes after getting here.)The island has 3 roads, a north road, a south road and a middle road.

Ever hear an Asian person speak with a British accent? Weird. We were in the supermarket today in preparation for Heritage Day (Bermudian Carnival) which is tomorrow. A loaf of bread is $5.60. One carton of Tropicana orange juice is $6.10. :-O. That's American dollars! This island is so expensive!I asked my sister if she wears sunscreen...she's 2 shades darker than me (and 5" hope for me). She laughed. Her husband who looks more Portuguese or Porti and is light-skinned does. (Bermuda is comprised of those who were brought here and were here already...Africans and those who colonized - British and Portuguese, plus West Indians who emigrate here.) I saw a a child my complexion (mocha brown) who had natural curly hair my color (honey blonde) and green eyes. My nephews have natural sandy brown and blonde dreads. My brother is a rasta and his kids all have natural locs.

I have something that I've never had before and that is family. Everyone lives together, eats together...does everything together.

My lil cousin is 8 yrs old and has fallen in love with me. I thought it would be cool to have him hang out with me...until, the boy asked question after question for hours on end. At one point, I kicked him out. He just kept coming back. At one point, he said he saw a lizard and that it slithered in the dresser O.O

I thought iguana and not lizard. I was scared. Lizards are small. They don't bite. They just exist. He was playing a joke on me.

We BBQ'd. I had a great conversation with someone whom I thought was my sister-in-law's mother but it was actually my sister-in-law. My nephew is 36. This lady has got to be 50. She's mad cool though.

There are strange noises and it gets cold at night. The picture is the view from the outside of where I'm staying at around 8:30pm. Got a long day tomorrow. Besos!
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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I'm so excited that you're there! Relax yourself and have fun with your family! =)