Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey party people in the place to be!

Grandma is doing better. Tomorrow, she should be getting discharged to a rehab center for physical therapy. She knows about my trip and all of a sudden, she wants to reconcile with my mom and godsis. funny funny.

Got my passport today so my trip is a GO! Holler! So excited. I leave Sunday! I'm feeling the stress of having to come back already! Smh. As soon as I get back...on the 5th, I'm promoting a makeup party. On the 13th, I have a wedding.The 18th, there's another party, the mag is doing.


I can't complain because those things should bring in some dollars. Much needed dollars.

The play for my church is going well. I committed to writing a 40-min screenplay for the organization I used to be in (when I competed in beauty competitions). Umm, they need the screenplay by Friday (a lil stress).

Other than that....wisdom tooth is still hurting. Hope it will go away soon so that when I come back, I can get it pulled. So far, Motrin is doing its job. Since I don't wanna OD on Motrin, I let it hurt all day (as long as its not excruciating) and right before I go to bed, I take something. I have a high threshold for pain. Not ideal but what can I do? can't afford to get it pulled right before my trip. I have a bad habit of grinding my teeth when I feel stress (which is all the time) and that aggravates I've been trying to focus on a)not feeling stressed and b)feeling the stress but re-focusing it to something else so I don't grind my teeth.

Archer has been ignoring me lately. I feel like such a loser for saying that. I'm coming to a lot of realizations in regards to dudes.

I don't think I'm going to approach them anymore. I was talking to someone (forget who) about my personality. They think I'm turning into an alpha female being hella aggressive to get what I want (trying to be successful.) Being alpha female works in business but not in relationships. They say I need balance which is true. The term they used was I need "to be a gentler woman." People have epiphanies about me all the time but this one struck a chord.

Maybe I do need to be a gentler woman. For now, I don't know how.
Anywhosies, I'll dangle the carrot. If Bugs Bunny takes the bait, I'll go along with it. A man's gotta find me where I am being who I am. That's the story. Ya dig?

One of my Christian friends said she thinks God is hiding me from anyone whom I could get attached to until I'm 100% ready for it. At first, I was like..."Good looking out, God" then I was like..."Wait, whaaaa???" Truthfully, I don't know if I want to be hidden or seen. I'm not trying to marry anyone right now, I just want to go on a date that doesn't make me immediately find a tall building and jump. The one thing I do know is...I'm tired of trying to make fetch happen in every aspect of my life. Some things need to bloom like its own season. Is it Spring yet?
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jaded said...

Glad ur Granny is on the come up. In re the reconciliation: People tend to come to their senses when they realize they'll be on their own. lol.

I'm like that too, thinking about the end of things before they even begin, OR thinking about how things will suck when its over, when I'm only half way through. The only advice I have is to live in the now. Be super excited. (as you are). Let it build up inside you instead of using the "it's gonna be over so soon" to put a lid on it!

This isn't something that comes natural to me, so I have to work at it. Keep my mind from wandering.

Also, maybe you can buy one of those mouth guards for the teeth grinding.

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

Glad granny is doing better- girl I had my wisdom teeth pulled @ 23 but before they were pulled out- whew-- I know that pain! AHHHH! lol