Tuesday, November 2, 2010

See, You're the Type...

This weekend was filled with accidental mayhem. I really wanted to just lay up with JJ but he was busy and couldn't do it so, I ended up laying up by myself. I ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have eaten while working on projects that need to get done. The work never stops but the checks don't seem to get mailed.

Saturday night, I had the urge to get pretty and go somewhere low key. I really did not prepare for the cold weather and I don't have a lot of cute clothes appropriate for the frigid temps.

J called me (not to be confused with JJ, lol) and reminded me that I agreed to go to a mutual friend's birthday dinner/bowling party.

So, I dolled up my face and wore basics and we rolled to Harlem where we were 2 1/2 hrs late for the dinner party and I bowled a 40 the entire game (I suck at bowling but I have HEART). I was the only woman in a room of 12 gay men and my friend DB who came up from DC invited his friend PZ.

PZ is a transexual male - meaning, he was born a woman and transitioned into being a man. He had all these surgeries and he is really convincing. He's also J's type to the T. He's light skinned with light green eyes. He has small pecks and a 6-pack with big muscular arms. He dresses like a thug. Anyways, PZ is not into men. We get invited to some party - we thought it was a house party in Brooklyn. J is goo goo over PZ and PZ doesn't want the night to end. So, we go to the party. Turns out, its at a lesbian club. *insert rolling eyes*
We pay to get in (!!!!)
I noticed some girls noticing me so I told PZ he was my boyfriend for the night because I'm straight. He laughs and agrees.

Out of the frying pan into the fire, I guess.

PZ is buying us drinks. There were gay friends of ours and we're all dancing and having a good time. There's this transexual woman (male to female) who I mentioned before a few years back. My boyfriend was dating her at the same time as me...(I'll try and find the post and link later) and she knows I hate her because of that...the whole thing is ugly. Anyways, she kept bumping me every time she passed by! Undeterred, I was still trying to have fun. she is into PZ too. Maybe that's why I kept getting bumped. There was really not much I could do...I'm 5"2. She's gotta be 6"4 and umm...yea...I'm not going to play myself.

PZ keeps dancing closer and closer and closer on me as the night progresses. At one point, he tells me to stay still and he dances on me like a stripper. I was tweeting/texting/BBM'ing the whole time because I'm rude and I didn't want to go there. J likes him.

Its the end of the night, lights go on in the club. We're looking for PZ. All of a sudden, someone hits someone else over the head with a glass bottle directly behind where me and J are standing. A piece of the glass hits J in the side of the face and he immediately starts bleeding. I take him to the side where I help him clean his wound.
We get ushered outside. We see PZ who tells us that his friends are really drunk and he needed to make sure they were okay.

J and I are walking to the car. Who do we run into? The girl who my ex cheated on me with. She admits that she's on Percocet, coke and has had a few drinks. She asks J to take her some place "right up the block"..J obliges. She then goes IN about how much she loved my ex. How he was abusive. How she didn't mean to hurt me. How blah blah blah...we drove her about 20 mins away. J was silent. I never told him. He drove me home. He told me if I want to date PZ he would be okay with it. He says its obvious PZ is into me. I say he's nice but he doesn't have all the equiptment I need in a man. It was 5:30 on the dot when I walked through my door.

A few seconds after I get inside, my mom calls me. Not wanting my joy killed, I let it go to vm. I check it a few minutes later, hoping there was some emergency or something.

Her message was basically...
"I heard you come in. No decent woman comes in so late at night. You should be ashamed...did someone even bring you home...blah blah blah"

I need to move further away...

Anyway, that was Saturday night!
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Monique said...

Does your mom have bionic hearing or something? LOL

wynsters the tigress said...

do it!