Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

So, Punjabi told BFF he's going to buy a house with his live-in girlfriend and asked her to wait for him for an undetermined amount of time while he sets up this life with this other woman and then comes back to her.

She's giving it serious consideration.

I called her a stupid broad. The words slipped out but I meant them. What can I say to get through to her? Who in their right mind would wait for a man who has been with this other woman for 10 years, has been cheating on her probably the whole time, will make her believe a lie to give her a house and then leave her? Oh and then believe he's going to be faithful to you...

Wynsters asked me a good question: Am I her friend because we've been friends for so long or because I really enjoy her friendship?

Lately, BFF has been disappointing me. I tell her and she doesn't show that she cares. She's turning into someone who flinches and then shrugs when they're told they're wrong.

This post is not about her.

I have a decision to make and I want to make it before the New Year.

A) Move to Bermuda for 3 months. Live with and work for my nephew and his wife doing makeup. After Bermuda, London for 3 months and then home.

B) Stay in NYC and go to school.

With A, I want to get a job with MAC or Sephora because I could be set with those jobs...making decent money and with MAC, because they're international, I could transfer anywhere. There's even a MAC store in Bermuda. With Sephora, I could transfer to Paris.

With B, I would still need a job and I need to pay off $5k to my old school. Oh, and I have no idea what I want to go back to school to study.

Or...if I go to Bermuda in February...London in May...back home in September. I could start school. But...I still have to figure out a course of study. Plan C sounds like the business. I kind of want to be a teacher, but they're laying off teachers... I like English. What professions are out there for an English major?
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Monique said...

I was English major and the jobs are endless. My concentration was profession and technical writing and I minored in biology and computer graphics (I was a pre-med major for two years while in undergrad). When I graduated I worked for one of the largest independently owned PR firms, then I moved on to working as editorial/production assistant for the American Cancer Society. In that role, I was responsible for compiling articles for two cancer journals. I left there and went to AT&T working as a graphics and website content editor, then left there to work as a health communications specialist with CDC and now I am Project Coordinator for public health monitoring and evaluations firm.

I say all that to say that you can pretty much into any area with an English degree. the thing is narrowing a concentration within the program and aligning yourself with companies that match those needs.