Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cake and Eat it Too

Is it possible to want to be in a relationship yet be so incredibly uninterested in telling the new guy the same things I told all the other guys before him?

I feel lonely. I feel like everywhere I turn, there are couples all happy and in love and shit. I've never been that girl with a steady boyfriend. We broke up. Got back together and stuff. Seeing what BFF and 'em had to go through to keep those fools, I was totally uninterested in going through the rigamaro.

But now I'm, can we pretend?

The only person I want to pretend with is DK WHOM btw, I haven't spoken to in a week. I text and got no response so I deleted his number.

All I do now is work. All the dudes I work with are too young..not that I'd even go there anyway. The one dude I did like has a crush on my coworker. That stings.

BFF's baby is breached and has to be turned.
She may go into labor when they turn her which could be some time this or next week.
Her mom took her car to Punjabi's mechanic. He asked BFF to bring it in for some extra work but "asked" her to wear her hair down "not to dress like a bum. "
She said it reminded her of her manipulative, controlling and lots of other things - ex hubby. I told her plainly,
"Girl, run! Waddle, walk...whatever you gotta do...get away from this dude."
She brushed what I said off like I knew she would. Its cool though.



★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Nina girl get out of my head right now. DK and K must be brothers...their behavior is way too similar. If I could fake feelings I could be in a relationship but that would only leave me feeling lukewarm and ready to roam to find the missing part of the puzzle.

Why are our best friends in such compromising situations? I can't be excited for any news she tells me about the guy (married) that she likes so much.

Sade said...

I feel you girl. The problem with pretending is that eventually its like.. oh yea. We were pretending. And the show ends. Its so much easier to gloss it over and have fun.. or at least act like it. Why can't romance be like it is in the movies? :)