Wednesday, August 10, 2011

something to look forward to....

firstly, thank you to new and old commenters for the encouragement in the weight loss department.
i really appreciate your outlook and kind words. its nice to know you're not a freak for thinking the way you do.

i don't have any goals set (yet) and i probably won't set any because i have enough stress re:goals in my life. i don't want tobsess and stuff. i'm going to keep eating more, stay active, try and get more active and let the pounds float least that's the thinking right now, check in with me in a month or so.

secondly, i'm excited because i do have a goal i want to achieve.

i want to go to a spa.

*insert cherubs singing*

i've never gone to a spa or had a massage ever in my life. for a while, i had a problem with people touching me. but now, i'm over it (kinda) and i want a massage. no, i NEED a massage. my legs, shoulders and back are super tight with me standing all day and my little stretching does me no real justice so i'm going to pay a stranger *$187 to knead out those kinks.

of course, i can't just shell out *$187 (oh, i wish) for a massage so, i'm putting money aside and at the end of september, oh yea..i'm getting one. and i'm kicking in an extra $40 for a wax. plus 15% tip, i'm looking at $261. and i'm going to freaking enjoy it.

i still want to travel and do all that stuff but with my job paying me $5 more than unemployment and taxes eating up the majority of my overtime wages..its tough. *le sigh*

but no worries...september 30th, i will be someone kneads my muscles into dough.


*$187 is for a 30 minute massage, facial, foot massage with mani and pedi. BOOM SHAKALAKA.
** i guess its proper blog etiquette to ask what is something you guys are looking forward at it! :)

*****SADE, I tried commenting on your blog but it said I didn't have access to view the page. Hopefully, blogger is buggin***************


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Register on so they can send you great deals on discounted spa treatments. Miami Spa month is going on until August 31 and all massages are $99 and I'm sure they have deals going on in NY.

I'm looking forward to my birthday trip to NY, my trip to Jamaica in November and my brother's college graduation in December :o)

Sade said...

I set it so that everyone can see and comment. Hopefully that fixes things.

Have you checked Lifebooker FOR massage deals? It's like living social or groupon, but they do beauty and personal maintenance coupons/discounts only. Waxing, microderm., massages, facials. I keep telling myself I will book one and go but I keep putting it off for no good reason.

Every girl deserves that kind of pampering.

Monique said...

Good for you! You should check out I use it and love it! It has a great support system.

Spas are wonderful. They can be pricey but with all the sites out here you can find a good deal easily.

neemie said...

try groupon. i get emails everyday about discounted spa specials.