Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Porgy and Bess

There have been a lof of things going on and I am trying to wrap my head around everything.

I'm writing this on my new all touch screen phone. My other phone gave me way too many problems. Firstly, I was NOT paying $130 to replace a $50 phone! No ma'am. So when the damn thing just cut off...wouldn't charge or anything...I woke up yesterday pissed. Thank goodness I have some money stashed away for emergencies but now I'm a little stressed out because the emergency fund has been spent on a new phone.

I am getting paranoid about losing this job. I come in on time and I make my daily goal of sales, I am always in dress code and my makeup is always fly but still...I dont have  unemployment or mommy's hugs to fall back on and part of me doesn't feel like this is permanent for some reason.

They fired Frenchie last week because she called out once a week every week for 2 months. What killed me was that she was always complaining about how broke she was all the time but was always late and not showing up. She felt like her boyfriend should take care of her.

After she left, Monroe was like.."Look at her. She'll be fine." She is beautidul but come on! The girl is 39 yrs old with a man as a plan...no back up or anything. Monroe was like..wait til u get my age..you'll understand. These men want you to be all freaky in the bedroom and you get nothing for it. No! They gotta pay for it.
Zhang said...(in another conversation) I
"I am Asian girl. I can't work so hard." Yesterday, I asked her about her husband. He lives in China. She said that American men are too romantic...too smooth. They can't be trusted. I told her what Monrow said and she agreed. She said she has a husband. If she wants to work hard and pay most of the bills, she would have a roommate. In China, all the women are happy because the men buy the house and pay all the bills. The women are responsible for furnishing the house, keeping it clean and keeping themselves pretty. Not a bad deal entirely. lol

Its hot at work and NYC has been experiencing a small heat wave. The girl who passed out 2weeks ago is back at work. I think she's a little embarasssed. She was just dehydrated.  An old lady passed out last week. Now, all the managers are making an extra effort to make sure everyone drinks water several times a day but you have to take yo,. The A/C is a non-motha effing factor as Evelyn would say as you hardly feel it. I got into it with Shy because I don't like her or the way she spoke to me. A small thing turned into a huge conflama and I wanted to punch her in the face.

These girls are so cut-throat and its super ridiculous. I am kinda glad we don't get comission or else chicks would fight for real.

Grandma is getting worse. I haven't seen her in 2 weeks. I get 1 day off a week and on that day I have to cook for the week, clean, rest and try and have some fun. I just want to run away from the situation. I will probably put her in the nursing home permanently.


I called DK on Friday and I was like.."Man, I was about to call a search party for you." He was like...that's not necessary. I am here. I hadnt spokem to him since Sunday. I talked to my brother about it and he gave me some really good advice. He said to leave him alone. He has girls he does that to because he knows they're going to stick around. He said I'm worth more than that. Sooooo, that's what I'm gonna do. I have already detached myself emotionally. So...whatevs.

I was in Daffy's on Friday with a pair of $20 shoes in my hand for me. I was like...no, its too much but was thinking hard about getting him a $50 pair of shoes. I am super generous if I like you. I mentally slapped myself out of it.

I am super tired all the time. I dont think this job is for me


Anonymous said...

Sorry about granny - I think your brother is right- its good to get advice from men at times cause they know the deal! sux to have a job that youre tired from all the time but I guess it goes both ways. I feel like I sit too much and wish I had a job where I could move around but Im sure you want the opposite.

justpeachy said...

Ummm Hi Nina. I've been a long time lurker of your blog and serenity23...I'm not that active in commenting but it looks like, I may need to make myself known. lol Serenity has made her blog invite only and I'd like to be invited. I was like dang, I guess after reading certain blogs for years, you feel....I don't know what the word for it is. You kind of want to keep on keeping up, and wishing you guys well, when reading thru your life ups & down. And the way you guys put things in words, somedays I'm feeling the exact same way! So um, if you could get that message out to serenity for me....and nope I'm not some crazed stalker, just a person being pushed out of lurker land...lol.

justpeachy said...

Nina, I'm sorry...Trish is the one you speak about all the time. Oh well, I guess Serenity won't get this message after all. Sure wanted to read about her new beau. But hey, guess what...I'm blogging now! I'm going to try and be as honest as some of the other blogs I've read. So if you ever get some down time, check me out. I promise I won't bore everybody, :)

Trish said...

Nina Poo, I hope that the job situation continues to stay positive for you. You know that I of all people know stressful job situations. I wish your Grandmother was doing better. I hate when it feels like the world is piling up on you.

I agree with your brother, ease away from DK. I am a firm believer that people make time for what they want. I believe that the same goes for money. One of my fave cousins has been saying she was going to visit me since I moved but she always cries broke. She has however been to Chicago twice and Vegas once though since then, so whatever.

Hang in there!!