Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Blog

Thank you Ms. Starrla for the Best Blog Award! :)
The rules: List 7 random things about yourself, pass the award to 15 bloggers and answer a couple of questions.

Share seven random things about myself

1. I am lactose-intolerant but LOOVE ice cream so I only eat it if I know I have nowhere to go and DO NOT call me to go out if I just had a bowl. Oh no ma'am.

2. I desperately want to go on a trip. DESPERATELY. Somewhere! Anywhere! A customer told me she was from Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver doesn't sound sexy at all but I was like...take me with you!!! Smh

3. I thought my first book would be published at 21. (I was ambitious) Now I'm hoping 30.(Still ambitious?)

4. Most people think I'm joking when I'm dead a$$ serious. Maybe its my delivery. *shrug*

5. I miss Eddie Murphy pre-tranny hooker. He was unapologetically funny (Raw, Delirious, Vampire in Brooklyn). Now, he's Dr. DooLittle and donkey in Shrek. I hope Chris Rock doesn't get caught with a tranny hooker.

6. I wear makeup everyday. Its getting to be annoying. Part of me wants to quit but a) I have to for work and b) I don't know if I can.. *GASP*

7. I forgive too easily, friends say. I don't think I forgive easily. I just think its better to have less things on my heart. Ya'll know I'm a big girl..I can't have anger and bitterness on top of all this

Tag 15 Bloggers (Umm...I read like 5

1. Diddy Bop
2. Trish
3. Young Woman
4. Gorgeous Puddin
5. Monique

(literally...5 blogs. if i'm not reading your blog...leave a comment or email me at lifeisaficklepickle at gmail dot com and i'll get to reading!)

Answer the following questions

Favorite colour: Purple
Favorite song: "Visions"~ Stevie Wonder
Favourite dessert: Oreos dipped in white chocolate (OH EM GEE)

Biggest pet peeve: People not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

When you are upset, you: I hold it in and try to analyze all aspects of the situation.

Your favorite pet: :(

Black or white: Black

Biggest Fear: Going to Hell (no, for real) or getting my face sliced

Best feature: My enchanting eyes or happy disposition

Everyday attitude: Gratitude for life.
What is perfection: Love

Guilty pleasure: Lately, I've been OD'ing on the Oreo McFlurry from McDonald's. to be extra fat, I make them put caramel sauce in it. DELISH!


Trish said...

Purple is my favorite color too! Aww, a shot out, and I didn't get you anything. Still super sorry about Rocky :( Going to hell is a HUGE fear of mine too. I'm working on you and that visit!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Thank you I'm flattered that you if you could just Purple is my favorite color too!

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

When you are upset, you: I hold it in and try to analyze all aspects of the situation. Me too - and lol at the McDonalds Mcflurry comment. sounds good. I miss blogging and reading blogs especially yours- im at work sneaking it in right now-- since i got married all that went out the window. he doesnt like me blogging and I wouldnt want him reading my stuff anyway. I just do my youtube thing and thats it.

Young woman on a journey said...

i am so late and wrong.

doesn't being lactose intolerant suck? i've been eating cheese like its going out of circulation. i keep saying its cause i don't have a man and don't have to worry. i fear i won't be able to stop when i do have one :-(

purple is a nice color.

sorry about rocky :-(

thanks for still reading, even though i don't post...

Young woman on a journey said...

ps...i've been so out of it, i didn't realize Kenya got married and that's why we've been deprived of all her fun blogging :-)

and i hold in anger as is so not healthy but neither is the other end of the spectrum. then you look like a raging lunatic like those basketball wives women.