Saturday, July 2, 2011


(continuation of the previous post)

i'm also trying to become more focused on what it is i really want to do, what i need to do and enjoy life because if this year has taught me anything..its that life is short and can be snuffed out in a second.

things i want to do this summer
- go to the aquarium
- go to the beach
- go to the planetarium at the museum of natural history
- go to the moma
- shake my booty at least once at the club
- get my license (FINALLY)
- redo my apartment room by room. i'm going to try and start re-tiling my living room by this week. i need to find the tile that's in the rest of the house.

movies i want to see (soon)
x-men: first class
kung fu panda 2
despicable me

things i want to do period
- go to texas
- go to miami
- go to london, spain, germany, france
- go back to school
- get dressed up really fancy to go to dinner with a boy
- learn to swim
- go scuba diving
- have a grown-up apartment that i having people over in
- be debt-free
- buy a house
- own a piece of art made by each of my friends (that are actual artists)

i'll probably add to this list more very soon

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Trish said...

Yay!! I made your list! I need to write up a list of things that I want to accomplish although I have been going over them mentally.

I want to see Transformers and Bad Teacher.