Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quality of Life

Today, someone passed out at work. The girl who works at the counter next to mine. We. Don't have a close bond but she teases me everyday about something. We crack jokes and stuff. Today, I could tell she wasn't feeling herself. She complained that her head hurt. I went to get something from the stock room. When I came back, she was on the floor unconscious and there were store security guards that created a perimeter around her to give her some air. Our manager tried to wake her up. It took a while. The ambulance was called. She began shaking as if having a seizure on the floor. After they were able to get her conscious, she was still like a wet noodle. Her eyes were closed. It was terrible. I started crying. Seeing her like that...I don't know. With all the death around me lately, it hit a nerve.

Later, one of the girls at my counter said that before she passed out, she told her manager she didn't feel well. Her head felt numb. Someone else said she grabbed her stomach and then passed out and hit her head on the blunt part of the counter. She had a bruise on her forehead.

Why didn't they let her go home? Take a 15 minute break? Get some water? The store is cool enough where you're not dying but not cool enough where you feel totally comfortable. We sweat all day. And why?

Everyone in the store is doing some manual labor... from the guys in the stock room. The girls at the counters...we're on our feet for 9 hours a day. That's not easy.

Why didn't she say...I need to be home? A check at the end of the week is necessary but not at the expense of hitting your head and passing out. Maybe it was God's plan that she stayed. I don't know her living situation but if she's like me and lives alone...if I pass out in this apartment I don't think anyone would notice for days. That's a scary thought.

Anyways...I hope you all take this as a PSA. A job is not more important than your health. I love you all. Take care of yourselves!

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Trish said...

That's horrible! That kind of situation is what I hate most about working in retail. I hope your coworker is alright.