Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Le Boom

I go through so many different emotions with DK, its kinda ridiculous. I had lunch with him on Friday. It was cool. I met a lady coworker of his and I swear that was the first time it hit me...wait...dude is in contact with other women throughout the day. This chick sees him, 200x more than me. First I got jealous and then angry.

He keeps telling me he'll make it up to me and that  things will be better at the end of the summer but there is a big disconnect between him and me. Dude just got a 3rd job!!!!!!

I feel like the bad guy not being supportive knowing he has 3 jobs but I am not feeling support from him. When Rocky died, he text me. I was hoping for a phonecall. I chalked it up to him being a man and not really knowing. But now I am starting to feel resentful. I know I really shouldn't be but I do.

So...now I gotta think.
I feel like when he has it together, he will be awesome but he doesn't...not when it pertains to me.


Blame Starrla and her love languages post. Someone can show me they love me by communicating, spending quality time and being affectionate.

I always think about other people and how I can make their  lives better. Now I have to think about me.


Young woman on a journey said...

um...yeah. it doesn't sound like he's speaking your love language.

on a serious note, i once had 3 jobs and a bf. you can make time for someone if you want to. but 3 jobs isn't even healthy.

i also find that men working that much just use it as a crutch rather than saying "i'm really just not that into you"

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Now why am I to blame?! LOL! I want everyone to be aware of their language! The last half of your post reminds me of a conversation my best friend and I had a few weeks ago. She's always been the caretaker...and never taking time out for herself. You can't please everyone...someone is going to find something to complain about no matter how hard you work at trying to satisfy the world! Take time for YOU. The others can learn to fend for themselves.

Sugar Deevine said...

guy suck! its so hard being a single woman these days and thats why! they suck!!! I dated a guy with 1 job but he did double shifts with about 2 or 3 hrs in between. Yes we should be supportive of our men but shoot if he dont have time to see you and you want something that can spend time- he aint the one for ya!
'I always think about other people and how I can make their lives better. Now I have to think about me.' << story of my life