Monday, March 5, 2007


what's new? nothing really...same tired person...grumpy...evil...
but i didn't start out to be this way.

yesterday, was a breeze. i woke up. had my music on my mp3 player...jammed to work. was almost late, but the a train saved me! :-) got to work on time..was happy and nice and free!! picked up a couple of scarves, a few lil things, met Afroman who was on time - exactly on the dot 6:30 for our date (YAY!) watched a great movie that i anticipated watching. left...went to barnes and noble. got the octavia butler book i've been a fiend for and


we sat down..and i had an attitude. i don't know why - i just got funky. i think i really didnt want to prolong the date, but i felt like i needed to. then AM called me out on less funky. bgf sent me a text aplologizing for his wrongdoings...AM laughed called it bullshit...


AM: I could get someone to beat him up for you. I know people.
Me: Now, thats ok..I'm good.
AM: Nah, I know people in the good...
Me: {laughs} I know people too..the streets love me!
AM: The streets can't love you too much if you're getting robbed in them.
Me: {mouth wide open..}


AM: I'm sorry. I had no right to say that. I realized it as it was coming out my mouth. I'm sorry. I wish I could take it back.
Me: {silence} thinking {you can't take it back..} It's ok
AM: you sure?
Me: Yes.

>>>>minutes later<<<<

Me: Let's go. You're depressing me
AM: Sorry. Don't mean to depress you.
Me: Its ok.

>>>>minutes later<<<< at the bus stop.

AM: I feel like there's hostility between us.
Me: Nope {thinking - there's hostility between us because you made that fool ass comment like 10 minutes ago..but you expect everyone to instantly forgive and forget just because you're sorry. i know you're sorry, but i'm still hurt, so there!} There's my bus *kiss* I love you.
AM: I love you but I hate you sometimes
Me: I hate you too...


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