Saturday, May 26, 2007


We got it on and poppin
Right after I wrote the benefit of the doubt post,
I was staring Mr.Phil in the eyes. Daring him to do something.
I was bold. I was fearless.
I was horny.
I was scared.
Somehow, we stood up and he kissed me!
Ooooo weeeeeeeeee those lips!
Big, juicy, soft! Yummy..
Those, strong, yummy! Lol
We were sneaking kissses n all day.
But it was harder because there was people around and we're at WORK FOR
He already propositioned me to go into the bathroom and fucking him....I
politely declined.


One girl comes in...we send her out for Starbucks.

He grabbed my ass, my tits (tits are breasts when they're being
respectable..this was not a respectable situation)...bit my neck.
He says he loves my lips.

People come in. Surely, we can't send them all to Starbucks.

We send flirtatious messages to each other.

<Work ends.>

We walk down in the staircase.
We walk up the staircase, fearful that someone was coming.

Then......sluttiness ensues....if u have a problem...with that...this is
not for u.....
Abort! Abort!
Ok...with that said.

We kissed. He ripped open my has buttons going down the
front. And pulled out my tit and was sucking on it like a baby trying to
get milk.
He grabbed at my thighs. He cupped my ass....he was trying to stick his
fingers n my cunt.
(Yes cunt is a dirty word and I loves it!)
I pushed him away....I scratched his back....I kiissed and licked and
nibbled and bit
He kept trying to push my head down..
Me (thinking): "I'm not sucking ur dick"
Mr.Phil pushes my hand down to his crotch...
Me(thinking): "I can do a handjob"
Kiss some more. He pulls hair and scratches me and almost chokes me...
He slips his finger in...ooooo...I'm wetttttt
It sloshes around (lol) and he's entering me.
Feels good.
My leg is shaking.
Oooo my leg is shaking.

He aggressively asks me to suck his dick.

"Yo..I wanna feels ur lips on my dick."
Mmmmm....he knows what he wants..and is not afraid to ask for it. Sexy
sexy man!

I oblige...he says I'm good.
Me (thinking) Ge Me! Go me!
I hear him say "yea that's right swallow that shit"
I don't swallow. Nooo sirrreee
Sure enough it was coming.
I spit it out.
Thinking about his last HIV test.
Thinking about mine.

Me (shouting) ur supposed to warn people.
Him: sorry...he kisses me

Then...he walks me almost all the way home..which includes train and bus

He won't stop talking....

Oh, didn't I mention? I just want u for sex?

To be continued....

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