Thursday, June 26, 2008

101 Things About Me

Yes, I guess I'm biting Jirzy who's biting, Chris, who bit Monie, who bit Diva.

1. I detest leggings as pants.

2. I think I haven't succeeded as much because at times I'm gripped with fear.

3. Sometimes, I think I'm racist because I get sick of the systematic oppression of blacks, women, and wish I could slap a white person every now and then.

4. I wish I had a family who cared

5. I sometimes think if I applied myself, I could kill people.

6. But...that's a scary thought.

7. 16 year old boys still trying to holla is equal parts amusing and annoying.

8. I think my actions show I want to be single while my mouth says I want a boyfriend.

9. I like hot Asians who wear fedoras and have tattoos.

10. I never feel like I'm in the right place at the right time.

11. I feel like I'm pissing away my youth.

12. I want to go on vacation to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale by myself but am slightly afraid of being kidnapped, raped, and never seen or heard of again.

13. I need that vacation like ASAP.

14. My eating habits have changed drastically and I feel the difference. I feel faint almost everyday because I don't eat.

15. I think its stress.

16. When I was younger, I wished for an eating disorder so I could lose weight and be beautiful.

16. I wish I could be more vulnerable with my friends.

17. I hate my job.

18. I want to freelance.

19. I'm not saving money.

20. I'm not as responsible as I thought I was.

21. I can push people away easily.

22. But, its not as easy as others think. I really do obsess over it.

23. I'm late for work everyday.

24. I hate when people walk slowly down stairs.

25. I've been craving ice cream almost everyday.

26. I'm incredibly lonely.

27. I took my pic down because I'm not bold enough to say what's on my mind and have you guys know who I am.

28. 101 things are hard to write on a Blackberry Curve.

29. I play Scrabble at work.

30. I don't fight as hard for myself as I do for everyone else.

31. Sometimes I live like a hermit, no family, no friends, no calls, no outside runs (and i like it just fine)

32. OMG! Why was I ate 62 and I hit a wrong button and I'm back here!

33. I have the tendency to over think things.

34. I'm tired all of the time

35. I love flowers

36. No man has ever brought me them

37. I miss all of my exes

38. I may need a support group...

39. I might need glasses soon

40. I say I don't but I hold grudges

41. I think I might be racist against white people

42. so damn entitled!

43. and the rush for seats on the train.

44. do I have to bring up slavery?

45. I consider Jews to be white

46. I think compared to the residuals, the Holocaust wasn't as bad as slavery.

47. *waits for flood of angry mail*

48. I said it -- and what?

49. I fantasize about punching people in the throat at work

50. I love Haagen Dazs Mango Sorbet

51. It tastes like the summer should.

52. I take up a lot of space

53. in my friends' lives

54. Does that make me needy?

55. Sometimes I wonder why they put up with me

56. I'm moody

57. and sometimes, I like to talk over people

58. I'm impatient

59. and that has ruined a friendship or 2

60. Part of me doesn't care

61. Part of me thinks I'm going to end up homeless

62. Friendless

63. Panty-less

64. which is horrible

65. Well...

66. Given the right circumstances, maybe not

67. I'm horny

68. and thirsty

69. and I want Coldstone

70. but I'm lactose-intolerant

71. and I only let losers into my life

72. I'm highly unmotivated at work

73. But I look so darn cute

74. And that's what really matters

75. and the thing I'm really thinking about is my make-up

76. I need to re-apply

77. I need sex

78. I'm not so big on length as much as girth

79. I'm staring out my window, looking at the big burly dispatcher and thinking about his girth...

80. He's got rage issues

81. That's kinda hot.

82. In the manhandle me and I will like it sort of way

83. I like to get spanked

84. Was that TMI?

85. Oh well, I'm grown

86. And I like it.

87. If you're good at it

88. *sigh*

89. Dying on the inside

90. Trying to not look at every man like a piece of meat

91. Don't they like that though?

92. I want to get my nipples pierced

93. I love my skin

94. I love my eyes

95. I am becoming more and more "stern"

96. I like it

97.It might be apart of my non-patience having self

98.I need a Miami-vice drink

99. Do you guys feel closer to me now?

100. I hope so...

101. Hmmm...

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Young woman on a journey said...

funny, i agree with like 97 of the 101 things said. and i doubt you'll be getting hate mail from this crowd.