Monday, June 2, 2008

What I did on my weekend vacation

Well, it wasn't really a vacation or a weekend. I worked for 6 hours on Saturday. Well, technically, I worked for 4 hours and played Scrabble for 2. I'm addicted to Scrabble online. You all should sign up...its and if you leave your e-mail address in my comments, I'll send you my username and we'll play.

Anywho...I went and got another tattoo. And it is huge and beautiful. I've received a lot of questions on it and before I show it to you..let me put your mind at ease. The shit hurt like someone was branding I was under Buffalo Bill's sewing machine....and it felt like that for 4 hours after. I couldn't pick up things and it still hurts to stretch. SO..there

The whole thing. It stretches to the beginning of my bra clasp. It means




in Sanskrit.

Which adds to my existing tatt

Gye Nyame which means God is Supreme. It is a Ghanaian symbol.

And....the pics were taken when the tattoos were fresh so the white substance on my neck is tape glue.

Anywhoo....I am still broke because of it, but I'm happy and I fall more in love with it every time I see it. It looks much better in person.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

scrabble, i wish im a writer not a speller

Chris said...

man...I heard that is the most painful place on the body to get a are WAY more gangster than me.

Young woman on a journey said...

those tatts are the hotness

Monie said...

Me likey!!! I want another tat but I'm trying to be good. LOL

jirzygurl said...

that is HOT!!! i love it!