Monday, June 30, 2008

Been Gone for a Minute....

I guess you guys deserve a post.

I've been meaning to write. I have stuff to write about, but I haven't quite felt like putting stuff on "paper."

I got a raise at my job but not in the respect department. My boss still freaks me out because I can't read him and maybe he can't read me either. So, we look at each other like...what?

He is smarter than I thought and he hipped me to some game. This chick is envious of my position and tries to upstage me. She tries to upstage him, too. I don't know. I think she thought that when Aladdin left, she would be queen.

Ummm...slow your row...I feel like slapping her. She's whiny and annoying. I liken her to a chihuaha.

I'm content with my lil $2 raise. I'm going to see if I can go salaried in 3 months. Of course, to a higher raise.

I've convinced myself I want to be single. But....ummmm...yes

My ballroom house is having a ball in October. I'm on the board and am working hard on that. I'm excited, but lately, I've been wanting to be alone.

Best friend is crazy.
Here's the drama:
Her elementary school sweetheart, MJ left and broke her heart when we entered high school. For the past 10 years I've known her, all she could talk about is MJ. How cute he is and how well he wouldve turned out.

Well, they reconnected via myspace.

Long story short, he's totally different from the MJ she thought she knew. He's ghetto. He has a kid. He's just different. He came to NY (he relocated to MD). They ended up having sex and then he said he loved her. It was all poetic and shit as he got on his bus to go home. Then, he never called her. 3 weeks went by and she got a couple of texts. But...nothing. She devised a plan to let her cousin, KD call him and act like she met him. She sent him sexy pictures. MJ talked KD into letting him come to NY to "smash." This was all in the matter of 1 conversation.

I told BFF that it showed what he was about - sex.

She said she was going to get over it. She didn't. (Side note: KD is about to get her ass whopped by me. She was still corresponding to MJ after that)

Last night, BFF decides to text MJ. He actually responds to her. She wanted to "talk.". He was too busy. She text messages to him that she's sprung off the penis (in an essence) and the calls me at midnight feeling like mold that he didn't respond. I wasn't trying to make her feel bad but I couldn't help but say that she was being an idiot and then after how he treated her, how could she even think of sleeping with him again.

She said she's extremely horny.

*shakes head*

I felt bad about telling her what I did but here's how I rationalized it - the problem is bigger than what he did to her. Its bigger than her own hormones. Its about self respect.

So, I'll take her out for a drink tonight to put a bandaid on what I said but...

I would say it again if I could relive the moment again.

I mean, these days...I'm sugar free.
I am giving it to all my friends as of late. I'm telling them the real deal and if they can not handle it...oh well.

What I've noticed is, all of my friends are doing the same. is what it is....

I have more but, until then...later...

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Chris said...

Ha...don't you hate it when your friends are retarded, and they don't want to hear they are retarded? I can't stand it. I just lost a "friend" over some foolishness like that. If they can't take it, too bad...honestly.

Monie said...

Sometimes friends can't be saved. Hopefully, this is just a time thing and she'll get over him after a while. If not...tell her you don't wanna hear about MJ and his bullshit no more. LOL

jirzygurl said...

you are right... it is about more than just mj or bff's delusions about mj.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

now that is drama
was wondering where u was (linking verb)

Young woman on a journey said...

yeah, its tough to have patience when you think friends are being extremely irresponsible with themselves. But i guess its always good to remember that we all make bad decisions, some are just worse than others. Yet, in the end, we'd rather not be judged by our low notes but perhaps more on our good notes. we are all looking for the same thing and some people are just a little more vulnerable than others.