Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Nigerian

We had been FB friends for months before I met him in person (March 2010). It was a happenstance situation where you just recognize someone you know from the internet. From there, I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to date him. He's not my type at all. Not really. He's short - maybe 5"5. He's from Nigeria. I haven't really had a good track record with dating African men.

But he was persistent and consistently pursued me. Which, he gets some cool points for.

I gave in. Our schedules didn't really coincide until I decided to stop frontin and called him to see what he was doing.

(Pause. Our first convo before our date. He was like...are you seeing anyone? I said no. I'm dating though. He said the same. Then he asked me when I date who pays. He thinks we should pay for ourselves. This stirred up a lot of trouble amongst the girls)

So...we met up at Habana Outpost. He looked hella sexy in his fitted striped button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, khaki shorts and dress shoes. When I saw him again, I was like...ok. I can do this. Lol. We talked a lot about the notion of marriage, having multiple wives/husbands, society's expectation of men and women, etc.

After we left...we walked a little where he grabbed my face and tried to kiss me. I turned my head and told him no. He tried twice more and I did the same thing.

I told him to stop. Other than was sorta perfect.

I can't believe I actually like someone. Who knew?
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jazzyjaz said...

I actually like someone..who knew? I said that to myself the other day when i decided to stop fighting it and just like someone...its funny seeing myself feeling a boy cuz that doesn't happen often