Monday, July 5, 2010


I was determined to make it out to the club to shake my ass. Grandma is back in the hospital. Thursday, she couldn't breathe and they sent her to the emergency room. They're not really sure what's wrong with her but they're keeping her for tests and such. I have to be signed over as Power of Attorney to pay her bills and keep things afloat for her. I also have to be named as medical proxy to make decisions for her as well.

Heavy stuff for a 24 year old.

Mom isn't really offering too much support other than getting it notarized for free for me and judging me that I'm not busting my hump to get it done. Friday, we decided to do it at 6pm. The bank was closed and I wanted to shake my ass. She wanted me to go to Staples before the shaking of the ass to get the document. What would that have done? ....she just wanted me to have it ready. Firstly, its a holiday weekend and I'm on foot/public transportation. Did she offer to take me? no. sooooooo...ummmm, yea.

I was really overwhelmed.
I saw Grandma in the hospital, turned on her TV for her and went to the afterwork spot from there. I was looking hot in my white/black striped skirt and strappy heels. The place wasn't crowded but I know the guys who promote that spot. I haven't been out in a while so they were really happy to see me.

They had bottle service which they let me partake wine, chicken fingers, strawberries and fries. (WIN) I still bought 2 drinks....Absolute Peach and coke. Yummmy!
After that, they poured me like 3 drinks...mind you, my tolerance for alcohol isn't really that great. So, 6 drinks and I was still functional but really happy.

I slow-danced with one of the promoters to some song...(i forget) but it was nice...ever dance with someone who knows how to handle a lady? It is awesome. I think I may have spilled alcohol on my phone because by the time I got to Brooklyn, it kept turning off and on...Needless to say...that ish is DONE.

As I was walking down the street, this guy in a car is kissing at me. I had to stop at the bus stop where he stopped, got out of his car and started talking to me. If I were sober, I probably would've cursed him out...he was saying outlandish things like..."how many kids do you want?" "i know we're going to be together" blah blah blah but because I was inebriated, I laughed in his face which he took for encouragement to keep going. He kept smelling the air around me saying my perfume was intoxicating, making 'rarrr" noises and trying to give me a ride home. After his 5th request I was like..LOOK, these are your options...wait with me for the bus or put me in a cab. He was would take a cab but not my car home. If you want to pay someone to take you home, you can pay me. I was don't need to know where I live, ninja! He just wouldn't drop it. I was pissed because my phone was broken. I was going to take a cab anyway but now that he was talking to me...I didn't want him to follow the cab (or something crazy) and the bus was NOT coming. My buzz was off. He told me he has 5 kids but he's questioning 2. I'm guessing they are with 2 different women. He told me he was really fertile and he wouldn't mind making babies with me. I said "NO THANKS" to which he replied...well, we can try. I was like..."Get out of my face." He started laughing as if he were joking and he said a whole bunch of other bullshit. Come to think of it, I should've just cursed him out. At least, I could've saved my buzz and 30 minutes waiting for the bus to take me 10 mins home.

Everything minus the stupid guy was what I needed...mind-numbing fun, booty shaking and free liqs...


K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

lol - wow - yes indeed boys are dumb!!!! Sorry things are south again with granny-hope she gets well soon- and yea- that theres mama again being mama- cant really say much more-

Trish said...

Good thing you weren't sober, you may have had an altercation with that fool! I'm glad you got out and had a fun evening!