Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date #2

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I literally laid in bed all day today, taking breaks to drink water and stretch a bit. I watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek as I mustered the energy to get up and do something. ANYTHING.

I saw on Twitter that everyone was at Prospect Park and secretly wanted The Nigerian (TN) to call me to go and he DID!

On the train, I asked him if me not kissing him upset him. He said he didn't understand why I wouldn't want to and I said...I felt it was forced. He said a kiss is a kiss and it doesn't mean anything. I disagree. I could see he might've been upset and I tried to make light of the situation by saying..."You're so sensitive!" He looked me in my eyes and said..."I am very sensitive and very jealous." (Shit! It was intense.) I told him I am not a jealous person (which I honestly don't think I am.)
As soon as we got to Prospect was PACKED! There was no phone service and I felt like we had no friends as I couldn't find anyone. Finally ran into some friends but they had no food. Lol. Ran into a boy I LOOOOOOOOOOVED in high school but had a girlfriend all the way through. He always wanted me to keep my hair natural and he saw me with my short cut and was like YES! TN walked up a bit further. His words swirling in my head, I didn't want to linger too much. He was that your man? I was like...sort of. (Lol) He said...why you bringing sand to the beach?

True true. Lol
There were SO MANY beautiful black men out there...OMG! It was ridiculous. It made me almost want to go to the gym and get right. The way they were acting THIRSTY. I'm glad I was with TN. I didn't want dudes (and a couple of chicks) grabbing at me. Wtf son?

I felt really out of place amongst his friends. I really came out of nowhere in TN's life. I'm not his girlfriend. This is our 2nd date! Really, I didn't want him to meet any of my friends and I didn't want to meet his.

He introduced me to his friend who produces porn movies. His friend told me TN is going to shoot one (O.o) as long as he can stomach it. His friend was really graphic about how he was going to eff Pinky and at that point, TN was like...this is a lady. We shouldn't talk about this in front of her.

Thanks boo! -_-

TN introduced me to a photographer who talked to me all night. He was so cute and funny. He talked to me about how African men are really aggressive. He joked with me all night which was good because TN was basically with his friends, the porn guy (who I stayed away from) and some random girl who kept feeling up on his arm. Granted, he does have muscles. The photographer whom I shall call GJ (Ghanaian Joker) saw me looking at this chick hard and was like..."Don't worry. Girls that are all up on men like that don't want the man. They want something he has or he is." TN is pretty big in the African nightlife scene and everyone knows him but yea, GJ's words didn't really help.

GJ and I had some serious chemistry. He kept touching me which I couldn't tell if it was my friend's girl..let's be cool or it was I like you, let's get closer. He did it in front of TN yea..could be nothing. GJ happens to be a photographer and will do some stuff for me for free where my regular photog was going to charge me $250. BOOM!

TN is such a man. He said that thing about not paying for stuff but because we were in front of his friend, he paid for my lil fruit smoothie thang...funny. He invited me back to his place.

I was hungry. Read: angry bc my blood sugar was low and not in the mood to be touched. Read: sweaty. He actually wiped sweat off my face saying he doesn't care abt that.

I declined the invitation. We hugged and kissed and now I'm home. I may like this guy...a lot. He calls. He wants to see me. He's really affectionate. Its awesome!
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K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

Interesting- I'm just stopping by being nosy- working my way up to your current posts so Im not sure if you have more about TN but I hope to hear more good things about him...I've dated a few african men- Bear is...they're cool in my book-guess I haven't found a rotten one yet to sour my opinion of them- I don't actively seek them but they're greatly attracted to me-- i get hit on by a lot of african men so much so my family has begun to ask- what's wrong with black(AA) men? You don't like them? lol