Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Gallivanting

Friday was spent taking Grandma around all day paying her bills. I really wanted to hang with Aussie but I was going to be tired and Saturday, I had dance and Work was out of the question. He was disappointed but I can't continue to run myself ragged.

Saturday, dance felt more like a workout than anything else. It felt good. I miss pushing myself physically. Work has been a struggle for me just trying to keep up my personal morale...because once I stop caring...that's it.

The new girl Vi makes $1 more than me
..$2 more than the other girls per hour and she was silly enough to trust Daria (who got fired for not showing up ) who told Shy who told Monroe who told everyone else, made a big stink and went to HR about. She then also threatened to sue for prejudice because Vi is light-skinned and 10 yrs younger than her. I told her not to use the race card. I think its unnecessary....she said she'd do whatever it takes to get more money. #kanyeshrug

Sunday morning, I got a new dog. His name is Louis. He's a friend's friend's dog. The girl moved and her new place doesn't allow dogs, so she's giving him to me for a decent price which I'm paying off in installments. #teamBrokePhiBroke

He's a 2 year old shih tzu who is tan and brown. He's house-trained and since he's 2 , he's less playful but he's so loving. When I first met him, he just climbed in my arms and positioned himself like a lil baby.

Later in the day, Aussie came over. I made tacos and we watched Love and Basketball. I've always wanted to watch it with a dude. We were snuggling and I fell asleep. ha!

And umm...we kinda did some stuff. WHICH HURT LIKE HELL!!!!

Omg! We tried some penetration but it was so painful! and...I started bleeding so we stopped..

I also told him I want to get back together. So, we'll see.

All in all...weekend was a big win.

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K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

Girl what is going on with you and bleeding- yo stuff must be tight as I dont know what or maybe its cause i've only had small ones. lol not really but you know what Im saying lol