Friday, September 9, 2011

Reminisce Over You

I search for his name on FB every 6 months or so hoping he's joined. On Monday, I searched for him absent-mindedly and I actually saw that he finally started an FB page.


I friend-requested him which he immediately accepted. We passed messages back and forth then texts and then he called me tonight.

It felt like old times. Good times. I told him I want to see him and offered to cook him dinner. He requested tacos. His birthday is next month. WHY did he say he wanted to go to a strip club. I told him I'd take him but maybe he should go with his boys. O.O

Of course talk turned to US and what happened and such. He explained some of the "lies" I suspected he told me. The reason he told me those lies were because he was embarassed of why he couldn't do the things he wanted to do. I told him those lies are what broke us up.

Gosh talking to him, laughing with him, making fun of each other made me miss him. Made me forget all the bad times.

Thank God for blogs. Really helps jog the memory.

Read up on Aussie from the beginning from blog posts November 2008 to December 2008.
We actually met on November 1, 2008. How convenient is that! lol

We tried again in January of 2009. You can read how that all went (toward the middle - end of the month)
We re-connected last summer here. It ended like this.

He's trying to tell me that he's changed. He's matured. He's different. OY! Should I even go back there?

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