Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't Look Back. Pt One

*Ummm....slightly NSFW. *

Aussie text me today asking if he could see me before he had to go to work. I told him I needed my air conditioner put up which he obliged me.

He came over at a quarter to 9. I was wearing my romper. Which is like a one-piece that has shorts. Its loose fitting. It took him 5 minutes to put the A/C up. We sat and I put in Ice Age: The Meltdown. Don't ask me why....

I kept slapping him. He tickled me. I laid on his chest. His heart was beating so fast. I straddled him and kissed him. We made out so intensely. He grabbed my ass, grinding me into him. Even through my clothes and his jeans, I could tell he was hard. He brought my breasts to his face, unbuttoning the front of my romper, pulling my breasts from my bra. He licked between my breasts...kissed it and then sucked and licked my nipples. He put his face between my breasts.

I told him he's going to go to work smelling like my spit. He said, "I'll go to work smelling like your anything."

I told him we should stop, getting off of him. Sitting on the opposite end of the couch. He laid his body over mine. Kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling under his shirt. His skin was smooth. He stood over me, pinned my legs back, pushed the fabric of my shorts. He kissed and licked at my clit.

I stopped him.

"Your pussy is so wet. I know it tastes good. Let me taste you."

I kissed him, pushing him off of me.

"Are we just this?" I asked.

"No, we're more. I want more. I want all of you. I want to get back together. "

I wasn't sure. My knees were in my chest.

We looked at each other for a few moments.

"Do you know what that means? We have to take it slow. We can't do this and that."

"I know," he said.

He parted my legs and kissed my knee, running his fingers down my thighs, he kissed my inner thigh, working down with kisses trailing...

I resisted.

He went straight for it, licking and sucking and fingering me. Within minutes, I was singing his name not wanting him to stop. My body was shaking but he kept on.

I was kind of self-conscious because I need to trim down there. Haven't had any visitors in a long while, haven't clipped the hedges this month yet.

He didn't seem to mind or care.

He kissed me, pressing himself into me. I pushed him off of me. He unbuckled his pants. I rested on my knees, sucking his dick. My jaw was a bit tight. Ummm, out of practice...he moaned, urging me to go deeper...

He is thick and long.

I went down as far as I could. He stopped me...he told me to bend over on the couch as he slapped my ass, pulling down the remainder of my clothes.

"No, we are not having sex," I said pulling my shorts back up, buttoning the front of my romper.

He pulled me onto the floor, sucking on my breasts. He pulled over my shorts and undies again and ate me some more.

"I can't get enough," he said.

I stopped him.

"Please, let me taste you some more. You taste so sweet," he said.
"Its 10:30. You have to go to work."

He bent me over. Slapped my ass, grabbed my breasts and rubbed himself against me.

"You have to go."

He asked to use my bathroom. He knew where my linens were. He took a washcloth and washed his face, hands and penis. (The male hoe bath? Lol)

He kissed me as he pressed me against the door....I wrapped my legs around him once more. He started to unbuckle his pants.

"I have to go. Stop starting trouble. Oh my God. You look so good. I've missed you."

He pulled me off of him. I didn't want him to leave but making him stay would be trouble.

"I'll call you," he said. I watched him leave.
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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

GIRRRRRL! You should see my face right now!!!! I applaud your wavering yet strong resistance to all this man that was literally right in your face. Oh geez! I probably would've gave in....#dontjudgeme. What now though! What now?!?! Impatiently waiting part 2!

Trish said...

That was willpower at it's finest!

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

OH MY GOODNESS- IF YOU COULD SEE MY FACE RIGHT NOW TOO- and the drool-damn-I'm saying you?- sdfaf osidfai fasfh I mean uh dsfhaiufdsf - dayum! I mean you did good to resist

Young woman on a journey said...

i just left you a note saying don't go there. but this was certainly hot. don't know if i could do it. i can't even go near temptation right now. those intense urges to throw away celibacy.