Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crazy Week

Summer is officially here which means work! Yay!

Let's see:
Full-Figured Fashion Week came and left...still have some articles due. Did the short film, I talked abt in the last post. Bought some curtains and changed my living room around...found a place that will pull out my tooth for $15 but I still kind of want to hold on to it. My niece graduated from Junior High and had a party. She's so pretty!

Today was Celebrate Brooklyn Dau so there were lots of stuff going on in my borough!

There was the Ft Greene Festival which brought out some gorgeous ladies with natural hair! The bands were ok. No one really made me go wow. The dudes didn't know what to do with themselves. From there, Wynsters and I met up with her bf at Prospect Park. Her boyfriend (Mexican Jew) wanted to see this Tex-Mex band which played country rock music. The opening band played country music. There were fiddles and banjos. While I'm there, Common was on the stage at the fest I left. Could've thrown him my panties. Damn. Best part...all of this was free. I paid $4 for lil refreshments and stuff.

We ended the night with Dominican food. I got 2 juicy delish porkchops and yellow rice for $10. I couldn't finish it. It was Heaven! We saw Wynsters' friend's kittens...they're 10-week old Tabbies. They are so adorable but they fucked me up. My nose was congested, my eyes, throat and face were itchy. I was sneezing a million times but they are so adorable! I was only around them for 10 mins total...crazy!

Tomorrow is the AfroPunk Festival with J*Davey, Mos Def, The Cool Kids and more! I paid $22 for my ticket and I'm really hoping its money well spent. By that, I mean, I rope a dude who is super-dope and y'know see these amazing artists and such. Lol.

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!
Hope Trish and Jaded are taking study breaks and that YW blogs... ;)


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