Monday, June 21, 2010

Unsolicited Advice

I did a movie today...or rather a short film about a girl who wants to be a dancer but her mother thinks she should get a real job. (Hmmmm) She ends up doing what she wants anyway...and it works out.

The AD (Assistant Director) was pretty dope. The star of the film was too. They're both 30 and both look like they're 21. Anyways, I was asking them about their most prized life lesson...AD said...(paraphrasing) She wished she didn't compromise so much. She was afraid to say no and so she gave in on a lot of things and ended up being upset but with herself. She says now, "she's too old for peer pressure," and she shuts things down quickly. If the answer is no the 1st time, the 20th time its still no and she doesn't discuss it if she knows its a no. I LOVE her no-nonsense attitude and I need some of that in my life.

Hoping to get my wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow...its late and I need to push myself to get up. it was excruciatingly painful on Friday to the point I couldn't go anywhere. I just came home and stayed in bed. I need to get my act together. I've been having trouble getting out of bed, getting motivated.

AD also said...I love everyone. I look out for everyone but at the end of the day...I look out for #1. People forget they're number 1 sometimes....
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