Sunday, July 1, 2012

call me

sooooooo....i was sick this week where i left early because i was nauseous and light-headed. my period in the month of june was so SERIOUS. i also had cramps that had me keeled over feeling crazy. anyways, i went to the store with my phone, keys and money. when i got home, i had a bag from the store, my keys and change.

my manager at work said she wants a hysterectomy but they refuse to do it because there's no medical reason. she said the medical reason is that she can't handle her period. she's in her mid 30s and childless. she said..."i don't care. cut it out of me. if i want a kid, i'll buy one." - i totally understand
where my phone went? i have no clue.

the insurance company sent the new phone literally the next day but i don't have certain people's

brock is the nonstarter dude from the last post. i really didn't have a strong desire to talk to him. i just wanted the attention, if we're being honest. he's in houston for the week. he comes back today (sunday). i facebooked him that i didn't have his number. he hasn't called me yet. lame.

i began calling random numbers on my phone bill and i accidentally dialed trini's number. awkward. and dk's number. super awkward.

trini, as soon as i realized it was him, i awkwardly was like...ok, bye. and hung up.
dk, i didn't realize it until i heard his voice on his vm and i left a weird message like...i called by accident. *nervous laugh* umm, sorry.

he text me saying he didn't want me to think he was angry with me and that he wants to know how i am doing.

i was like..ok, call me when u can. so, he did. while i was at work.

i got nervous because honestly, i think there was something there with dk. i might love him. i'm not sure. and, i didn't want to break up. but.....yea, so, when he called i was like i'm at work,. i'll call u later. i dropped the phone when i was on the escalator and the sim card fell in a crack. tmobile's system was down and they couldnt get my phone back online until late.

i called him late. we caught up. it was nice. i really want to talk about what happened between us but slow and steady, right?

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Trish said...

Slow and steady sounds good. I hate losing things. I feel like I've been really careless lately, so I've been trying to take inventory of things.

Here's wishing a good week to you!