Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sometimes, I worry I'm not really pretty in person and that possibly, I'm just photogenic. But then, I meet someone who is like that and at least I'm fucking PASSABLE AS THE SAME FUCKIN PERSON IN THE PICTURE. I decided to give online dating a whirl. I was talking to someone really cool - smart, funny, established, well-traveled. BRUH! He was so cute in his pics but so NOT cute in person. We met at a coffee shop and he ate a red velvet cupcake with his fingers, licking icing off his fingers and everything. He had red crumbs in his teeth. Here's my rule. The grossest thing to watch someone you don't know eat is ice cream. ESPECIALLY, if you're not sexually attracted to them. It gets all over their mouth and its just nasty. Add icing to that too. Long story short, I fucking ran out of that date as soon as I finished my sandwich and smoothie. My heart is so weathered by dating. I'd much rather be alone that go through this process again and again.


Miss♥K said...

BRUH! lol!
I totally get what you mean- sometimes I get grossed out by how a man eats- i know they don't and WONT eat all cute like we do but still ewwwwww and while I've never seen you in person I've seen video of you and you look just as gorg girl! you're beautiful with and without your beat!

I pictured you literally running up out of that date with them tree stumps moving fast as they can lol

Tiffany said...

I'm dated out. Sometimes I feel like a "street-walker" with the amount I've tried online dating. Some of those online guys are gross as hell.